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Galaxy S9: How To Fix Slow Camera Problem

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is equipped with a new camera that is an upgrade on previous versions. The new camera feature possesses amazing low-light imagery, super enhanced autofocus, shutter settings and a huge upgrade on image quality compared to other Galaxy devices.

Despite all the advantages associated with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S9, there have been complaints from some users. They say their Galaxy S9 often works slowly. This can be frustrating when trying to take pictures.

A common occurrence is the appearance of a pop-up message that asks users to Hold the device steady. The result is often fuzzy pictures that don’t correlate with the expected image quality of the Galaxy S9.

If you are tired of snapping the same fuzzy pictures that betray your memories, then we have all you need to help you fix this problem.

How To Fix Slow Galaxy S9 Camera Performance

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is fitted with a unique tech feature that is referred to as the Picture Stabilization which helps smartphones to take very clear pictures in the nighttime and it is activated on default on new Android devices like the Galaxy S9.

The Picture Stabilization feature, in most cases, leads to your Galaxy S9 slowing down when trying to use the camera on your smartphone. The instructions highlighted below will help you remove the Picture Stabilization feature from your Galaxy S9

  1. Power on your Samsung Galaxy
  2. Scroll to the App menu and launch the Camera app
  3. Click on the Settings button on the bottom left corner of the screen
  4. Browse through the settings options, locate the Camera Stabilization feature and toggle left to disable it

After you did it successfully, you can expect your camera experience to be better. Pictures of the highest quality will be the result.

The camera stabilization feature is a welcome addition for many. It helps with taking high-quality pictures in areas with low-light situations. However, it requires the shutter to stay open for an extended period. This will affect the speed of navigating the camera app.

This often results in some pictures taken on the Samsung Galaxy S9 to be blurry for users who cannot hold their phone steadily or snap fast. If you have a shaky fingers you may want to disable stabilization.