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How to Get CBS All Access on Roku

How to Get CBS All Access on Roku

The traditional broadcasting channels are getting trampled by streaming services. They present the new way of watching television and are superior to the TV channels that we’re used to. That’s because its entertainment made easy – watch whatever you want, whenever you want. Plus, the video quality tends to be better overall.

CBS All Access is a prime example of a traditional broadcast channel taking the streaming route. We may be used to the trends in the new streaming services. CBS, however, has been around for a while, so let’s see what this streaming service is all about.

Installing It

CBS All Access is straightforward to install and use. Let’s explain it on the example of installing it on a Roku device.

First, go to the Roku Channel Store. Find the CBS All Access app as you would look for any other app. Once it’s downloaded and installed, open the app and go to the top-right side of the screen. Here, you’ll see the options to sign in manually or with a code.

Sign in manually by selecting the corresponding option and entering your login info. Alternatively, to sign in with a code, go to the CBS website and find the Roku activation option. The CBS All Access app will provide you with a code. Enter this code into the Roku activation screen in your browser.

Installing the CBS All Access app goes pretty much the same for all other streaming platforms.

get cbs all access on roku

The Benefits

So, what does CBS All Access have to offer to its viewers? Well, CBS is a long-established network that has released a lot of content over the years. With a CBS All Access subscription, you get access to a massive chunk of past and current shows and content.

Sure, CBS is home to NCIS, Elementary, Blue Bloods, and similar dramas. Although the shows mentioned above are the most popular thing about the network, CBS excels at the news, as well.

And yes, this is all available on CBS All Access. From 60 Minutes to Face the Nation. Then, there’s the comedy program, ripe with hit shows, such as The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon. Oh, and don’t forget about the classics such as Frasier, The Twilight Zone, and old Star Trek episodes.

All in all, CBS is a network with an extensive history. Unlike the newcomer streamers, it doesn’t have to push for more content – CBS is already overflowing with it.

That said, CBS All Access doesn’t come with an extensive list of originals. There aren’t too many CBS All Access- exclusives. That’s what makes the new streaming service different from the others – it relies on its reputation instead of sheer quantity.

The Bad Stuff

Sports are a thing on CBS All Access. You’ll catch a game now and again. However, CBS All Access doesn’t offer as much sports content when compared to top sports streaming services. You will find live NFL games, PGA Tour events, SEC Football, and so on.

However, CBS All Access lacks in some departments. For instance, it isn’t DVR-compatible. The option to start broadcasting a game from the beginning doesn’t exist. Most importantly, though, it doesn’t let you watch a lot of football when compared to some of the best NFL streaming services.

All in all, CBS All Access isn’t ideal for hardcore sports fans. However, if you aren’t crazy about sports, you’ll be more than happy with the service.

Plans and Pricing

The most basic subscription for CBS All Access is $5.99 per month. If you want to get rid of commercials (to a certain extent), you can get a $9.99-per-month commercial-free subscription. Bear in mind, however, that you’ll still get ads on live TV, as well as promotional messaging.

With the $9.99 option, you also get the offline download feature. So, does getting CBS All Access pay off?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple answer here. It all depends on what you want to stream. For instance, let’s say that you wish to watch the CBS All Access originals. You won’t find them anywhere else for several months, let’s say four. Then, you’ll be able to buy the show’s entire season for $39.96 (four months of ad-free CBS All Access). However, you will pay $23.96 for four months with the basic CBS All Access plan.

how to get cbs access on roku

If you want to watch the CBS All Access originals, consider whether you mind waiting several months and think about how much the ads annoy you.

So, does CBS All Access pay off for the originals? It depends.

However, it’s the older CBS network shows that make CBS All Access genuinely shine. You can’t access them on most other streaming platforms, and buying them from Amazon Video or iTunes probably doesn’t pay off.

Either way, that’s the beauty of streaming – you don’t have to think about buying the shows. You subscribe and take things at your own pace. Besides, $9.99 a month is not a lot for an ad-free subscription.

Functionality and Responsive Design

CBS All Access offers a sleek look with the black-and-white vibe. Navigation is simple and user-friendly. Navigation and controls are relatively intuitive, and there’s also a comprehensive FAQ section.

CBS All Access also comes as a mobile app. It launches quickly and features easy navigation and sleek looks. The best part here is that you can download episodes for offline viewing, which is always a brilliant thing. To download one, click the Download icon next to it. You can download up to 25 videos at a time.

Reviewing the New CBS Streaming Platform

CBS All Access may not be the perfect streaming platform, but it brings a few new things to the table. And, many services have managed to survive merely by copying their competitors. Anyway, the platform just made its debut, so keep an eye on it.

Have you tried CBS All Access? How do you like it? What do you dislike the most about it? Feel free to join in on the discussion in the comment section.

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