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Get Rid Of “Unfortunately, Email Has Stopped” Error On Galaxy Note 9

Get Rid Of “Unfortunately, Email Has Stopped” Error On Galaxy Note 9

As usual, you were surfing through your mail when the app suddenly displayed an error message that read ‘’ Unfortunately, Email has stopped’’. This is one issue that no Galaxy Note 9 user would have expected on their brand new device.

We hate to be the bearer of bad news but this issue occurs often across Samsung devices and appears to be the same on the Galaxy Note 9 smartphones. The way forward is to focus on how to tackle the issue so that you can be able to read your emails on your device again.

There are a variety of issues that could be causing the error ranging from glitches in the email app itself to another interfering app causing a glitch to the firmware. Hence, you should expect a number of different solutions for troubleshooting the problem.

You were anxiously checking up on your emails when the app displayed this unexpected message on Galaxy Note 9 “Unfortunately, Email has stopped”? It’s an issue you didn’t see coming on your device, did you?

There are four questions you need to ask yourself when the ‘’Unfortunately, Email has stopped responding’’ error appears on your Galaxy Note 9 smartphone.

  1. When was the last time I did a soft reset on my phone?
  2. Is my Internet connection working?
  3. How recently have I wiped the cache of the phone?
  4. Am I willing to consider performing a hard reset on my smartphone?

It makes sense to take things one step at a time. You are probably aware that restarting your device is an operation that should be performed from time to time. The simple action of restarting your smartphone intermittently can do your device a whole lot of good.

Your Galaxy Note 9 operating system can eliminate minor bugs with the aid of a simple restart. All sort of errors simply vanish when you restart your device. This is an operation that you should try whenever you can.

If the issue persists after the restart, you should check the internet connection on your Galaxy smartphone. The ‘’Unfortunately, Email has stopped responding’’ error often occurs when the internet connection is unreliable. Try connecting to a different wireless network or use the mobile data option.

It is important that your internet connection is strong enough to connect the app to email servers.

If you still cannot pinpoint where the problem is emanating from and you do not want to bother with the stress of reaching out to a Samsung outlet, then you need to understand that a hard reset might be your only option.

When you wipe the contents of your device, it will be restored to its default settings where you can start returning your personal info, accounts, and personal media archives back to the Galaxy Note 9.

It is expected that the email error should have stopped appearing on your device when you login your email accounts.

Between performing a simple restart of your device and choosing the hard reset option, you can try looking into the cache option – especially if the error started popping up after a recent software update.

This brings us back to option 3 where we believe clearing the cache data should boost the performance level of the email app and stop any errors.

Get Rid Of “Unfortunately, Email Has Stopped” On Galaxy Note 9

  1. Turn off the Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  2. Hold down these three keys in the following order; Home, Volume Up, and Power keys
  3. Let go of the Power Key when the Samsung logo appears on the screen
  4. Release both the Volume Up and Home buttons as soon as the Android Recovery Screen pops up on the screen
  5. Hold on for a few seconds after booting onto the Android Recovery Mode
  6. Scroll through the submenus by using the Volume Down key to select the Wipe Cache Partition option
  7. Click on the Power key to commence the operation
  8. You will receive a confirmation prompt message which you must select YES for by using the Volume Down key
  9. Tap the Power key to start the wipe cache action
  10. After the operation has been completed, reboot your Galaxy NOTE 9 and Galaxy NOTE 9+ smartphone through the ‘’Reboot System Now’’ option

We hope that wiping the cache has done the trick for you and that the ‘’Unfortunately, Email has stopped’’ error has ceased to appear on your screen. If you have any other questions related to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, check our posts for the latest on Samsung’s latest flagships.

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