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Google Chrome Running Slow On iPhone 10 (Solution)

Google Chrome Running Slow On iPhone 10 (Solution)

If you use the iPhone X you may have noticed your Google Chrome is no longer working or runs very slow every time you use it to search for something online. This can be a pain when you are looking for the answers for a project or assignment you are working on. This issue can also happen when you are on applications like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, snapchat, Whatsapp or youtube. There can be many reasons as to why these applications are running slow on your iPhone X or that the pages aren’t loading. Below we have written some of the most common reasons as to why those issues are occurring on your Apple iPhone X. Keep reading to see how and what can be done to solve these problems.

Common Causes of Slow Internet Speed of an iPhone X

There are plenty of causes for seeing slow internet speed when browsing on Chrome with your iPhone. We have a complete guide for speeding up your Chrome experience on all platforms, and when you’re trying to determine the causes of your slow internet speed, these are the causes to look for:

  • A bad connection to the WiFi network
  • If you have terrible signal strength.
  • You might have multiple people connecting to the website at one time.
  • Huge numbers of users connecting to the network can cause network congestion.
  • If you have lots of applications running in the background
  • Low memory on your device
  • A corrupt or full internet cache.
  • An old version of software or firmware on your iPhone X that needs updating.
  • Outdated or previous software version of your internet browser.
  • If you are over your data limit.

The steps above are many different reasons as to why you are having a slow internet connection on your Apple iPhone X. If you have finished checking all the above causes and are still noticing a bad internet connection, you will want to follow the steps below to fix the issue on your Apple iPhone X.

The Cache Must be Cleared

As mentioned above the cache clear method can help your iPhone X in solving the problem of your slow internet. If the problem is still to be solved try to complete the “wipe cache partition”. Do not worry though, this method won’t delete any of your data such as photos, videos, and message, they will be completely safe. If you are an android user, you can just go to recovery mode and click “wipe cache partition” but when you are an iPhone user you will need to read and understand how to do this by following our how to clear iPhone X phone cache guide.

Turn Off WiFi-Assist on Apple iPhone X

It is common to have a weak or low Wifi Signal on your iPhone X. You can check your WiFi setting or disable your Wifi Assist Connection to help improve the results.

  1. Start by turning on your Apple iPhone X.
  2. Then tap the settings option
  3. Now pick the Cellular choice in the settings.
  4. Search for the WiFI assist mode.
  5. Finally, toggle the WiFI assist to OFF. This means you can choose from the open WiFi connection available that have the strongest signal.

Seek for Technical Support

If you have done all of the above and are still having problems with a slow internet connection on your iPhone X. We would suggest you seek and look for technical support from the nearest Apple Store to get your phone fixed by their licensed technician. If they are unable to fix the phone or find it’s defective they will replace it for you.

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