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Google Pixel 3: Everything To Know About Google’s Latest Flagships

Google Pixel 3: Everything To Know About Google's Latest Flagships

The call-screening feature steals the show

Google just made the formal announcement of the 3XL and Pixel 3 smartphones, although there have been unofficial leaks on the Internet over for some months now. We finally get to view the phones up close, and most of us are eager to try them firsthand. We all have pressing questions like; How does the matte glass feels scrutinized to the aluminum on the older Pixels? And How much does the XL notch stands out?

Well, first off, these new phones feels more premium than last year’s Pixel 2. They were given a much higher-quality look and feel by moving the glass front and back. The matte finish sanded on the bottom half and the glass on the rare is a single pane. Although, on the recusant side, the previous generation of the Google Pixel smartphone is lighter than the new phones.

An in-depth look at the screen is needed to give a final judgment, but it seems the Pixel 3 XL screen is improved than last year’s, as they are way more precise than the previous. The small Pixel 3 is also now enhanced, it is slightly bigger and has a PenTile subpixel arrangement.

Sincerely, the screen is so much better.

The Pixel 3XL notch does not look as atrocious at it looks in the photos.  It is big but shouldn’t be a problem. Although, the way its notch “area” cuts off to the rest of the screen is quite gauche, which make it look a little chopped off.

If you like a large screen, the Pixel 3 XL is an excellent choice for you. Although, since the smaller Pixel 3 is now slightly more extensive, you’ll love it too.

The camera quality is pretty excellent. You can take a portrait shot, backlit, and other shot like the previous phones. More testing will be done before I can render judgment but it’s safe to say Google hasn’t apostatized since winning last year’s best-available camera.

Google has also added different AI features inbuilt in the camera including the lens and the night-shooting mode. The new phone also has a new picture called the Top shot. If the AI in the phone thinks you took a bad picture, it will pick a better shot.  You can also find a “Select shots” button in the menu. Although, I cannot assure you the other features like the wide-angle selfie camera is better than the previous.

I tried the digital zoom, It seems okay, but there’s nothing especially great about it. A ton of testing still needs to be done before I can confirm anything. Also, you can take selfies with Iron man.

There is one feature in the phone that is good as advertised, its Call screening. If you get a call, press the screen button, the person on the other end will hear a natural AI call talking to them. It helps to show what they say back in real time on the screen.  Also, it is barely interfered by loud notices. You can even type responses to your screen whereby the AI responds to your caller.

Don’t answer spam calls, but if you think it’s important, it’s a great option to have.

The two pixels have a larger display compared to the ones from last year. The $899 64GB / $999 128GB Pixel 3 XL moves higher to a 6.3-inch QHD+ screen while the normal $799 64GB / $899 128GB Pixel 3 projects a 5.5-inch FHD+ screen. It is similar to a smaller Pixel 2 XL. If you don’t like the display cutout, you should get this since it has the same RAM, processor, camera, and other important specs expect the battery capacity and screen resolution.

Why is the Pixel 3 and 3 XL the Most Expensive phones on Google’s Smartphone Lineup

Google Pixel 3 is now $150 more expensive($799) than Pixel 2 at launch. The 3 XL is also $50 higher($899)  than last year’s model. They’re not the most expensive, but their price bumps dissatisfied some customers especially when some Android models like OnePlus offers pieces of the Pixel 3 core hardware in a product at a significantly lesser price.

Nowadays, specs aren’t everything. The Pixel 3 features a spectacular camera, and it gets to have Android updates first. Google is set to support it with an upgrade for the next three years, which is a new longer commitment unlike many of its Android partners.

Below are the areas where Google made significant upgrades on the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL hardware:

Bigger, Nicer screen: The early impression is that the displays of the latest Pixels are improved compared to last year’s especially the case when 2 XL ran into controversy for grain, muted colors and blue shift until Google fixed it through software. Google did more work in the calibration and display tuning this year. And let’s not forget there are bigger displays(5.5 and 6.3 inches) with the same overall form factor.

Improved Rear Camera: Google has talked all lot about the new software features of the Pixel 3’s camera, but the areas improved are in the hardware itself. The Pixel 3 is said to have a more modern sensor that captures a higher dynamic range. Although the megapixel is the same, the camera unit isn’t.

It has two cameras upfront: The second wide-angle camera certainly increased the price of the phone.

It has more premium build, wireless charging, and two-tone glass etching. Making the glass partially matte probably costs more than aluminum, but at least it allowed Google to add wireless charging which is a new feature.

More LTE bands. The Pixel 3 supports band 71 and band LTE, which gives it total support for T-Mobile’s 600MHz spectrum.

Pixel 3 has a bigger battery: Last year Pixel 2 has a battery capacity of 2,700mAh while the regular-sized Pixel 3 has a 2,915mAh battery. Also, the Pixel 3 has a Titan Monday security that helps to safeguard the users’ security. This makes it a few steps beyond Pixel 2.

Unlimited Photo Storage: The Pixel 3 users will be able to upload their videos and images to Google photos will their original qualities until January 31st, 2022. This doesn’t explain the inflated price since Pixel 2 users have the same features. Although, it is a very convenient thing to use.

There are areas where Google kept the specs just the same:

Built-in storage: Users can choose between 128GB or 64GB of storage with Pixel 3 just last year Pixel 2. This is quite disappointing since 256GB and 512GB models are now available with Samsung and Apple. This even hurts more since there’s no microSD support.

RAM: Google has decided to stick with the RAM as last year’s Pixel 2 and 2 XL. This model came at a time where Android and iPhone users have set their bar between 6GB and 8GB. This is quite baffling since there is no third tier with more space and RAM.

The Smaller Battery in Pixel 3 XL: The smaller mode gets an increased battery capacity while the bigger one lost power. The Pixel 3 XL has a slightly smaller battery than the 2 XL’s 3,520.

Here’s a quick list of the midrange and high-range devices, their cost, and where the Pixel 3 lands:

iPhone XS Max $1,099 64GB / $1,249 256GB / $1,449 512GB

iPhone XS $999 64GB / $1,149 256GB / $1,349 512GB

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 $999 128GB / $1,249 512GB

LG V40 ThinQ: $900 – $980 64GB

Pixel 3 XL $899 64GB / $999 128GB

Pixel 3 $799 64GB / $899 128GB

iPhone XR $749 64GB / $799 128GB / $899 256GB

LG G7 $749 64GB

Samsung Galaxy S9 $719 64GB / $769 128GB / $839 256GB

BlackBerry Key2 $649 64GB

OnePlus 6 $529 64GB / $579 128GB / $629 256GB

Essential Phone $339 128GB

Nokia 6.1 $269 32GB

Moto G6 $249 32GB

Are the new features and improvement of Pixel 3 hardware and software enough for you to upgrade? Does it justify their inflated price? Or are you sticking with your Previous phone because there not enough improvement for you to change?

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