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Hide App Drawer And Show All Apps On Galaxy Note 9 Home Screen

Hide App Drawer And Show All Apps On Galaxy Note 9 Home Screen

Did you know that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has this amazing option that allows you to display all the apps on your home screen? You can do that and at the same time you can hide the App drawer altogether. Maybe you have or you haven’t but the question is, do you know how to make this happen?

There is somethings you should learn about this experimental feature which will help you take advantage of it. But do not worry about that because it is our mission to always provide you a step by step guide on how to do anything on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone. In this guide, you will find out more about how to hide the App drawer and display all your widgets and apps on your home screen.

Steps For Displaying Apps On Home Screen On Galaxy Note 9

Before we begin, ensure that your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is on then follow the steps below;

  1. To access the Settings menu, bring down the App Drawer by swiping your screen from the top downwards.
  2. In your Samsung Settings menu, browse through the many settings to locate the Advanced Features setting then tap on it
  3. Once the Advanced Features option is selected, its window will open and in there you can see several settings, tap on the Galaxy Labs tab
  4. The Galaxy Labs tab has the Start option so activate the experimental function we mentioned previously. To do that, simply tap on the start option
  5. Now tap on the “Show all apps on Home Screen option”
  6. You should be prompted to confirm this action through a warning message that pops up shortly after
  7. Exit the settings menu after setting everything up and return to the home screen. On the home screen, you can find all the apps moved here.

Note also that the widgets will disappear immediately from your home screen as soon as you activate the Galaxy Labs. But you can always add them again later on, so this should not worry you an inch. In rare cases you may not be able to access the Galaxy Labs even after following these instructions keenly.

Should this happen there a possibility that this option is not available to you. This can be as a result of issues with your wireless carrier and not necessarily your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 device. Get in contact with your carrier’s customer support and inquire more about this issue.

If you do it right, this guide should work just fine. You should be able to access all your apps through several pages on your home screen. The App Drawer will no longer be a viable option but you can still launch apps just as easily. To do that, you will have to swipe between panels on your home screen to launch the apps on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone.


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