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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 How To Change Text Message Ringtone

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 How To Change Text Message Ringtone

Most of us really love chatting through text messages and who could blame use given that it is a cheaper, quicker and reliable way of keeping in touch and passing information around. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 makes text messaging a lot more interesting and because you are used to texting frequently, it would be better to also set a ringtone that you would love to hear every time.

Your smartphone’s buzz and ringing can be softened a little bit with some level of customization. You have never thought of changing the ringtone probably because you don’t know it is much easier than it might appear and in this guide, we will show you how to do it, all you need is few minutes of your time.

Can you spare a moment to read this short guide on how to customize the text message ringtone on your Galaxy Note 9 smartphone? If the answer is yes, we better get right into it then. Before we begin, we would like you to take note of the fact that this tutorial is specifically dedicated for the stock messaging app on your Galaxy Note 9 smartphone and not the other third party messaging apps.

To Change The Ringtone Of Text Messages On Galaxy Note 9

  1. Go to the stock text messaging app on your smartphone
  2. Touch on the More label to extend the settings from the top right corner of your screen
  3. From here, touch on the settings option
  4. Now go to the Notifications settings
  5. Choose the Notification Sound then go through the options provided
  6. You should settle on a preferred tone which you are going to set as your desired text message ringtone on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone.

Want To Go The Extra Mile And Set Up Customized Ringtones For Your Text Messages On Galaxy Note 9?

The above steps will help you replace a stock ringtone with another stock image but you can also change the text message ringtone with a different one besides the stocked notification ringtones. You preferred text message ringtone could be an MP3 or a WAV audio file. If you want to set this up, you would need more than just your smartphone. You will also need a Rings Extended app and your PC.

The PC is just for transferring the audio files to your smartphone if you don’t have any songs on your smartphone. On your smartphone, you can go to the Google Play Store and download and install this Rings Extended app. Get all that set and move onto the steps below;

  1. Turn on your smartphone then go to the default Samsung messaging app
  2. Tap on the More button to display the settings
  3. The next stop is in the Notifications tab where you will need to select the Notification Sound option.
  4. You should wait for the “Complete Action Using” option to show up
  5. Once you tap on this option, select the Rings Extended app
  6. Choose the Media ringtones label to see the transferred song you would like to set as your ringtone
  7. Touch the audio file and save to start enjoying it.

If this works out well for you, don’t forget to come and let us know and in addition, you can also let us know if there is anything else you need a guide on. The tutorial is straightforward meaning that it should work. If it doesn’t it could be because you are not using the stock Samsung messaging app.

Otherwise these instructions should enable you change the text message ringtone on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 at any time.

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