How To Add Favorites On Galaxy Note 9 (Guide)

If you are one of those semi-geniuses that can flawlessly recall the contact numbers for all the people you work with as well as your loved ones, then you do not need to bother yourself with learning how to add favorites on your Galaxy Note 9 smartphone.

On the other hand if you, like most Android users, have hundreds of contacts on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9, then you could make things easier for yourself whenever you need to access specific contacts on your phonebook. How can you make your frequent contacts stand out in the Phone app? The answer is by using your Favorites option!

In this guide, we will show you how to highlight specific contacts as your favorites on your Galaxy Note 9, to configure your Favorites list. Doing this will make the task of finding and calling your important contacts easier to accomplish.

You do not have to worry about browsing through your contacts list every time you need to reach out to an important person on your contacts list. You also do not have to delete the contact info of people you do not talk too often in a bid to reduce your contacts list size.

To Add Favorites On Samsung Galaxy Note 9

You do not need to use the Settings app on your Galaxy Note 9 as would normally be expected. On the contrary, all you have to do is launch the Agenda feature, create your desired selections, and make use of the symbol to add favorites.

Provided below is a list of instructions that will help you navigate through your Galaxy Note 9 and successfully create a Favorites list.

1. Turn on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and open the home screen
2. Launch on the App Menu > Phone app
3. Click on the Contacts button to access the full list of contacts on your device
4. Browse through the contacts list until you locate the first contact you wish to add to the Favorites list
5. After selecting the contact, tap the symbol that resembles a start in a red circle
6. The contact will immediately be marked as a Favorite and then added to the Favorites list after which you can continue doing the same to other contacts

Important things to note about the process of adding Favorites to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Agenda

1. Another option is to access the contact list and click on the star icon located next to a contact name which will automatically add the contact to the Favorites list
2. Once the list of Favorites has been created, all selected contacts will be arranged alphabetically
3. The only way to make a particular contact stay at the top of your Favorites list instead of alphabetically is to add a letter to the front of the contacts name
4. When it comes to the process of removing contacts, you have to uncheck the star icon next to the contacts name for every contact added to the Favorites list or use the delete option in the Favorites page

With the details of the process and instructions provided in this guide, you should be able to add contacts to the Favorites list on your Galaxy Note 9.

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