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How To Add Reminder In Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9 Plus

When you look at the performance and the design of a smartphone such as the Galaxy S9, there is no doubt that it was designed to run every possible app in the world. Besides that, this impressive smartphone was designed to ensure that you don’t miss anything. It does so by ensuring that you receive all notification on your device.
However, one problem that you will encounter is that since the Galaxy S9 wants to keep you posted on all the notifications. This makes the notification shade very cluttered. When you find that there are a lot of notifications piled up in the notifications shade, you might be tempted to delete them all. And in so doing, you might end up deleting very important notification messages.
You can make use of the notification reminder if you want to avoid deleting important messages from apps on your phone. It reminds  you on different days at different time frames about important messages that you should check out for.
The notification reminder was designed by Samsung only for its smartphone users. This means that not every Android device has this feature. Now, if you are both an Android and Samsung device user, you should be interested in knowing how this application truly works. This article is going to handle the use of notification reminder on Samsung Galaxy S9 device.

Using the Notification Reminder in Galaxy S9

If you are going to use the notification reminder, there are two things you need to do. These are activating the feature and personalizing it according to your preferences. Although the notification reminder is a custom feature only available on Samsung devices, it is not activated by default. This leaves the task to you. Here are the different things you can set for your notification reminder:

Phone vibrations

Activating the notification reminder has the impact of triggering the standard notification tone. You can also double this tone with vibrations by manually checking the option to enable your Galaxy S9 to ring and vibrate while the notification reminder pops up on your screen.

Reminder Interval 

The notification reminder can also be set at a given reminder interval. This works like a snooze button. The reminder interval dictates the frequency at which the feature will remind you of a pending notification. At the moment you can set your notification reminder to 1, 3, 5, 10 or 15 minutes. Older versions of Samsung devices came with reminder intervals of 3, 5, 10, 15, 30 or 60 minutes.

All apps vs. Individual apps

Among the several things you will need to change from the very beginning are the apps you want to use the notification reminder. The way it is set is that once you activate the notification reminder, it will not contain any app at all so you have to select all the apps that should send notifications through the notifications reminder. You have the option of selecting all the apps or just a few specific apps. The downside of selecting all the apps is that the constant reminder for each app might drive you nuts. You might only opt for the option of all the apps if you need to reset the settings of the individual app.

How to Activate The Notification Reminder on Galaxy S9

At this point, I am sure your curiosity to know how to go about activating the notification reminder is driving you crazy. Having an idea of what will be expected it is time you knew how to activate the notification reminder on Samsung Galaxy S9.

  1. Power on your device
  2. Go to your Samsung Galaxy S9 settings by:
    • Going to the notification panel then tap on the gear icon, or
    • Accessing the Apps folder/screen and head to the Settings app
  3. From your home screen, just tap on the Settings icon
  4. In the settings menu, go to the Accessibility settings
  5. Locate the Notification Reminder feature
  6. Now toggle the notification reminder ON
  7. Go back to the main menu and set other options if you wish

You may then add vibrations, set the reminder interval and select the apps that will be using the notification reminder