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How To Cancel eHarmony the Easy Way

How To Cancel eHarmony the Easy Way

Millions of Americans have taken to online dating, using a wide range of apps and websites to find that perfect someone. Whether you are looking for a hookup or a lifetime commitment, there’s an app for that! eHarmony is one of the most popular sites for those seeking serious relationships. More than 60 million people have registered at eHarmony, and hundreds of eHarmony matches end in marriage every day! However, sometimes we change our minds about what we want online, or our needs change, or we have some other reason for needing to cancel an online dating service. One of the most complained about problems of online dating is the difficulty of closing an account and stopping a subscription. So if you’re looking to quit online dating, here’s our guide to canceling eHarmony the easy way.

With the majority of younger people running more and more of their lives online, the evolution of dating websites is still lagging behind many more progressive platforms. There are many reported difficulties in canceling subscriptions or deleting an account, and many dating services get poor reviews as a result. It seems all the power is with the company. They make the rules, and they can hurt your credit score if you don’t pay. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Taming subscription-based online dating websites

There are a couple of simple steps you should take to remain in control of your online dating. These tips won’t help you if you’re trying to cancel your account right now, but they will help you before you open your next one. Before signing up to a subscription website of any kind, follow these tips:

  • Use a gift card to pay your subscription. Many websites, including dating sites, will accept them as a payment method.
  • Get a pre-paid credit card and use that. Load the card with the subscription fee for the period and leave it at that.
  • Set a reminder on your phone and computer for 28 days before the renewal of the said subscription. Set it for 14 days for eHarmony as that is their current renewal period. Then cancel it right there and then. Don’t delay. Don’t put it off. Do it now.
  • Alternatively, pay the subscription for the period you want, allow the process to complete, and then cancel your eHarmony account. You will still remain a full member until it runs out, but it won’t auto-renew.

How to cancel eHarmony the easy way-2

Cancel your eHarmony subscription

Compared to many other dating websites, eHarmony makes it easy to cancel your account. However, timing is everything, because if you miss the deadline, you’re in for another subscription period.

  1. Log into your eHarmony account.
  2. Select My Settings and Account Settings.
  3. Select ‘Cancel My Subscription’ at the bottom of the page and follow the process carefully.

This will cancel your auto-renewal. You will still be able to access all elements of the site until your existing subscription period ends.

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Closing your eHarmony account

Once your subscription runs out, you will be able to close your eHarmony account and have your data deleted if you wish.

  1. Log into your eHarmony account.
  2. Select My Settings and Account Settings.
  3. Select ‘Close Account’ and follow the process carefully.
  4. Send an email to requesting the deletion of your data.

It is annoying that you have to request to have your data deleted, but that’s the way the industry works right now. It will take around ten working days for your data to be deleted entirely. Then you should be completely off-grid as far as eHarmony goes. If you are just taking a break and plan on returning to eHarmony in the future, you might not want to delete all your data, as it will mean you have to do the entire sign-up process from scratch when you return to the service.

Sign up With PayPal

Although you can’t technically change how you signed up with eHarmony, you can change what payment method you use, so it takes the money out of a different location. You’ve likely heard of PayPal – it’s one of the most popular e-wallets online. If you change your payment method to PayPal, you’ll be able to cancel the automatic renewal on the PayPal level, and you won’t need to cancel your credit card if the company continues to take the money out.

PayPal will completely cancel payments if you cancel the automatic payment renewal. There have been many times where I or other members on Tech Junkie have canceled a subscription service, only for it to constantly renew regardless of us asking them to stop. There have even been times where we have changed out the credit card number, canceled our previous accounts, and they still manage to charge out account.

It’s ridiculous that websites can legally get away with this, but it’s better to protect yourself in the future, so this doesn’t happen again. If the company has a renewal option that has PayPal, always use PayPal. Trust us when we say that PayPal has an invested interest in you constantly using their services, and they don’t want to do anything that could potentially destroy that relationship with you.

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13 thoughts on “How To Cancel eHarmony the Easy Way”

Theresa gabriel says:
Don’t want my. Profile on line never enrolled with you
Vanessa says:
Why do people even use a credit card for these type of sites? It’s common sense to use ur DEBIT card and than just dispute or say you lost ur card and need a new one so it gets canceled or just go get a prepaid card
Libby says:
I checked the terms of service and saw that there was a three day cancellation window. I subscribed for six months (the shortest option available) and decided to cancel. Eharmony told me that I could not cancel because the three month cancellation was not available to residents in my state. Turns out residents of 11 states have that option, but residents of the other 39 do not. This is not stated in the description of the terms of the three day cancellation. It is stated elsewhere. Very deceitful, misleading and dishonorable, imo.
Deborah says:
I got on eharmony for my sis and from day1 she hasn’t got any hits and I tried to cancel I cant and I tried to talk to them on the phone I have alot of numbers not one works I did sign her up with my paypal acct. so Im trying that next. I pay 34.26 a month from nov.22 2020 until nov.22 ,2021. for something she don’t use. and I never got a trial period .
eharmonysucks says:
Looks like the only way to get a response from them is to file a complaint with BBB or call you credit card company and dispute the charges. I blocked them as well through my credit card company. I threatened my credit card company that I would cancel my card if this doesn’t get resolved. They were very helpful.

Also, that email he listed asking to delete info – it doesn’t work.

hippy says:
Its best to set up your account using PayPal as the payment method – that way you can cut them off at the PayPal level in the automatic payment settings as well, after you cancel in eharmony.
Dave says:
Unhappy with all the fake profiles that are deleted by eharmony for safety reasons after contact. I don’t want to pay anymore for the 6 month subscription. I was done before the 1st month was out. They won’t let me out of the contract. I still owe one payment now but am unhappy with the service and shouldn’t have to pay. I’ve paid $82 a month for first two months. They have more than enough from me already.
Gee says:
Happened to me too. Automatically renewed subscription. Waisted money for a useless app. Regretting it :(
Alison says:
It’s a massive con I’ve just done a review and went to town I’m not happy I had no messages and 1 smile in 4 weeks …I’ve called my bank and they’ve put a block on any further payment and I’ve done the same with my PayPal…I definitely wish I had never joined there saying I have to pay the next 2 payment off £19.90 and will keep my account live …I’ve deleted my pictures and put on I am no longer a member on as much as I could …probably look a right fruit loop lol …
Marta Marton says:
happened with me also. I’m disappointed and mad as hell.
mare says:
I signed up for the 3 month trial too, but it’s actually for a year. You pay $71 for 3 months. You go online and cancel the renewal. I did call them and they said the account will remain open until Augu 2019, but there will be no more billing.
Ashleigh says:
I just cancelled my credit card so they couldn’t charge it. It’s impossible to cancel with those people. After a month I was done but there’s no way out. Just cancel your credit card and get a new one. DONE!
Mary Jo Maisto says:
Ashleigh, did eharmony come after you for turning off your credit card? I have a 6 month subscription and was dissatisfied after the first week. I realized I have to make the first payment but refuse to make the next two. Any advice?
Marni says:
I hate eharmony and will never use them again.
Sandy says:
Me too! I called them 3 days before the next payment was due and they told me I’m still obligated cause it should be 72 hours the actual date. I’m not interested after less than a month. I’m paying for a service I don’t want – absolute garbage!!
Ashleigh says:
Just cancel your credit card and get a new one. They can’t charge you that way.
Raymon Lungeen says:
They have done the same thing to me . Wont cancel @all, but we will turn off your matching.Not good enough, I know they will renew my Acct & charge me, I have to be sure I ma rid of them SO HOW do i do this .
ellie says:
eharmony is dreadful! cancellation is near impossible.
elanne dimatteo says:
My eharmony login was rejected, so I requested a new password 5 months ago. I NEVER received a new password. I’ve had no access to my account since. I want to cancel, but suspect that only a letter to their customers service will work. I live abroad & don’t want to pay for Return Receipt Requested.
I have a customer service address from 6 years ago and I am not sure it is still valid.
Tina says:
Hi I have same problem over and over I ask for a new password and they never send the link I cant get on to it .. frustrating I want to cancel . Eharmony come on I met a great guy and I want out . Send a password when people request it..
I will report you soonl
Rose says:
I cancelled my eHarmony subscription 3 days before my 3-month paid subscription ends, but they have me on auto-renew for 1 month! When I tried to Close Account (to rid of that auto-renew), the message reads, “Not Just Yet Looks like your account is paid through April 1, 2017 – so, we cannot close your account since you’ve already paid but we can turn off your matching.” How do I ensure I won’t be charged for another month?
Sharell says:
You will be charged. I went through the same thing today and the rep told me that it falls outside of the 3 day, 72 hour mark. It’s Tuesday and my subscription is to renew on Friday; that’s 3 days but not according to them. Waste of time and precious money!
Teresa says:
Go to settings on your eHarmony page- only on your computer , then to accounts , there should be a drop down box with billing on, hit that and it will say cancel my account. This will keep your account open till you when you are paid up too, but won’t do an automatic renewal. Hope this works.

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