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How To Change A Snapchat Username

How To Change A Snapchat Username

Once upon a time, a younger, more naive version of you chose what was then an iron-tight Snapchat username.  It reflected who you were, your goals, your dreams, your passions… and now all of that has changed.  You’ve grown.  You’ve matured.  You’ve evolved different tastes.  Your personal brand is no longer the same.  Does that mean you need to suffer the slings and arrows of an outdated username?  Well, kind of.  Due to security reasons, Snapchat doesn’t let users change their usernames.  That being said, you’re not without options.

Let’s take a look at some of the options for keeping your Snapchat on brand.  From picking your best username possible, to updating your content, there are some steps you can follow to keep your social media aligned with your public image.


Unfortunately, Snapchat insists that users keep their name forever.  You also can’t transfer data, Memories, or Snapstreaks from one user to another.  Don’t blame us- we don’t make the rules here.  We can, however, share some options for updating Snapchat to reflect your true self.

Not So Permanent:  Changing Your Display Name

We’re going to assume that, since Snapchat is associated with your mobile phone or device, that you’re doing this from your regular phone or device, so you’re all logged in and ready to go.

  1. Start in My Profile
  2. Tap the gear wheel icon to open Setttings
  3. Tap “Name”
  4. Enter your new display name and tap “Save.”

This won’t change your display name for people who have been your Snapchat friends for awhile.  They’ll always see the display name you had when they first added you.  Again, don’t shoot the messenger… just know that you’re not the other frustrated person in this party.

The Permanent Route:  Delete and Start Over Again

This will probably hurt your feelings badly, but in some cases, it’s unavoidable, especially in situations where you’re trying to avoid the trolls, the stalkers, and the cousin that you don’t actually like, but who somehow got a hold of your Snapcode and it’s been awful ever since.

There are options to ensure you don’t lose everything, but sometimes starting all over again is a really great plan!  One thing you will want to make sure you do before you do the big delete is to save all of the names of the friends you want to keep with the new account.

To Delete Your Snapchat Account

  •  Start at the Account Portal
  • Follow the prompts for account deletion
  •  Keep in mind- the first step is that this account will be deactivated for 30 days.  After 30 days, the account will be permanently deleted.  This means you do have the chance to change your mind.
  • During that 30 day period, you can reactivate your account using your username and password- NOT your email.  This is a special security restriction.
  • The username for the deleted account will no longer be available, going forward.

To Start a New Snapchat Account

  • Open the app
  • Tap “Sign Up”
  • Provide your real name and birthday
  • Enter your brand new username and password
  • Enter your phone number
  • Find your friends all over again

Yes, this is may be painful, as all of those memories float away, and you have to go through the practice of reminding people who you are all over again.  There may be a Facebook post or some frantic texts as you try to make sure everyone is updated with your new information, too.  Or hey, maybe you are taking this new account as a new lease on your Snapchat life.  Try a new angle… photographically, and personally!

Why The Name Matters

As you can see, Snapchat usernames are serious business.  When you’re setting up your New and Improved and Totally You account, make sure that the username you choose is something you can stick with for awhile.  Imagine yourself at age 60, looking at your Snapchat username.  Does it feel like a good idea?  Or better yet, consider how awkward it would feel to give your username to a boss, a coworker, or a new love interest.  Would you be willing to say “My Snapchat username is (name) in the court of law?”  It may seem like Snapchat is just a silly app for sharing fun, temporary photos, but it turns out your account is more permanent than you may think.

Feel free to share embarrassing Snapchat username stories… surely there’s one relative who has busted you out at a holiday meal by saying “Who’s (name)?”  Or maybe you’ve got some helpful hints to making the process of starting a new account easier.  Let us know in the comments!


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