How To Fix Apple iPhone 10 Slow Wi-Fi Problems

Posted by Sam Summers on October 3, 2018

In this post, our primary focus will lie on one of the most common problems on the iPhone 10 which is the issue of slow Wi-Fi speed on connections. Many apps like Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook and others alert users to problems that relate to reloading or refreshing of the home screen.

This can even happen when you have a strong Wi-Fi signal on your device which can be very frustrating.

A slow Wi-Fi connection can be the source of many minor issues on your iPhone 10. Part of these issues can include a weak or slow connection to your browser apps or a scenario where Wi-Fi switches to data automatically. Sometimes your smartphone might even forget an ongoing connection to a Wi-Fi network.

The instructions highlighted below will help you fix any issues that relate to Wi-Fi problems on your iPhone 10 with ease. We have made a quick-fire draft of the fastest ways to fix any Wi-Fi problem that might be plaguing your iPhone 10.

How to fix the iPhone 10 slow Wi-Fi problems

  1. Turn on your iPhone 10
  2. Restart your modem or router by shutting them down for a few minutes
  3. Ensure that your software iOS is up to date, confirm by ( Settings > General > Software Update)

If the issues persist, then you can perform the process highlighted below to rectify the Wi-Fi network connection

Reconnecting to your Wi-Fi by using “Forget This Network” for iPhone 10

  1.  Turn on your iPhone 10
  2.  Launch the Settings app and scroll to the Wi-Fi option
  3.  Click on ‘’Forget This Network’’
  4.  Pause for a few seconds before clicking on Wi-Fi network name again
  5.  Input the Network password again

If you continue to experience this issue, your VPN connection can be the cause of the problem. It is worth the time to check whether your VPN service is not hindering your Wi-Fi network connection. At the top left corner of your phone, there should be a ‘’VPN” symbol inscribed which means that a VPN configuration is active.

If this is the case, then follow the instructions in chronological order to disconnect the VPN connection. Hopefully that will rectify the issue.

Disconnecting VPN on the iPhone 10

  1.  Turn on your smartphone
  2.  Launch the Settings menu and click on the General icon
  3.  Navigate downward to the VPN button
  4.  Click on VPN to disconnect your on-going VPN configuration

If after trying these numerous steps the problems persist, then the logical step is to perform a factory reset on your iPhone 10.

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