How To Fix Galaxy Note 9 That Cannot Download Text Messages With Attachments

The flurry of excitement you get when you receive a loving text message attached with pictures on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 cannot be put into words. It always holds a special feeling that is different from getting pictures on social media platforms.
Sometimes you can have difficulty downloading these pictures, but you do not have to worry as this is an issue that can be rectified.
Does your phone get stuck when you try downloading pictures via text message? Or worse, you do not even get the download option when you click on the images?

Follow the Steps Below To Fix ”download error” Message

1. Restart your Galaxy Note 9 as a first option
2. Dump the Wi-Fi connection and ensure that mobile data is turned on
3. Check the APN settings through the customer support service or online
4. Restore the smartphone to its factory settings and reconfigure your Galaxy smartphone

A simple restart can work wonders many times so do not be surprised if the download error on your Galaxy Note 9 stops after you restart the device. It is the simplest option, and that is why we recommend this step as your first option.

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