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How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Screen Will Not Turn ON

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Screen Will Not Turn ON

Some Samsung Note 8 owners have complained that their smartphone screen does not come up. Although the keys light up when switched on, the screen stays black. Other users experience the same issue at random time.

I will suggest that you connect your smartphone to a power outlet to be certain that this issue is not as a result of a dead battery. You can be experiencing this issue because of a lot of reasons. I will try to explain different ways to solve this issue on your Samsung Note 8.


Press the Power button

You should first try to hit the power key to be certain there is no problem with the powering of your Samsung Note 8. If the problem persists after hitting the power button, then you should continue reading these tips.


Boot to Safe Mode

You can also boot your smartphone to ‘Safe Mode.’ You should know that when you use this method, your smartphone will only run pre-installed apps. This will make it simple for you to know if the problem is being caused by an app that you downloaded from Google Play Store. Follow the steps below to carry out this process.

  1. Touch and hold the Power key altogether.
  2. When the Samsung screen appears, remove your finger from the Power key, press and hold the Volume Down button.
  3. When your phone restarts, the Safe Mode text will appear clearly at the bottom of your screen.


Boot to Recovery Mode and Wipe Cache Partition

You can make use of the following tips to put your phone in Recovery Mode.

  1. Touch and hold the Volume Up, Home, and Power keys together until the Android System Recovery screen shows up.
  2. Make use of the “Volume Down” key to select “wipe cache partition” and use the Power button to click on it.
  3. Your Samsung Note 8 will automatically reboot when ‘wipe cache partition’ process is finished.

You can make use of this guide on how to clear cache on the Note 8


Contact Technical Support

If the problem persists after trying all the above methods, I will advise you contact a technician by taking the phone back to where you bought it to be checked. If proven faulty by a certified technician, it can be replaced or repaired for you.

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Black Screen (Solution)

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