How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S9 And S9+ Heart Rate Monitor Not Working

One of the good things Samsung has ever made is the S Health Program, in which it features the Heart Rate monitor function. This is a built-in feature of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ that enables the user to monitor their heart rate on the go. But if you have noticed that the heart rate monitor feature has stopped working or it provides you inaccurate details, there’s a solution for that.

Issues With The S Health And Heart Rate Monitor

This brief instruction we’ll give you will help you solve the issue if the heart rate monitor of your Samsung Galaxy S9 isn’t functioning properly.

If you’re into the details of your device, you would have noticed that there’s a protection foil attached to the sensor after you have purchased it. Many users forget to remove this protection foil which is stuck to the lens of the Galaxy S9 or S9+ from the factory. It’s just a thin coating and you can probably notice it right away.

If this protection foil stayed at the sensor, then probably the heart monitor feature will display weird heart rate results. So you can determine now that fixing this issue is a very easy thing to do. Just remove the protection foil out of the sensor.

Follow the handy solution below on how you can remove this protection foil safely. This helps to allow the heart monitor feature of your Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ to work properly. Also, it will help to get the best results.

How To Remove The Protection Foil

You’re definitely surprised about the reason why the heart rate monitor is not working. But you’ll be more surprised that all it takes to make the feature work properly is just a….. scotch tape. Yes, you’ve read it right! This is what you need to do:

  1. Get a scotch tape
  2. Cut a small part
  3. Then place the scotch over the heart rate sensor or over the protective foil
  4. Remove the tape you just put slowly and carefully
  5. While removing it, the film should be peeled off with the tape
  6. Once you have completely removed the tape, check out the monitor function again and see if it has improved

After doing all the steps shown above, you will know by now how to solve the issue if your Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+ heart monitor feature is not working.

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