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How To Fix Xperia XZ Authentication Error

How To Fix Xperia XZ Authentication Error

It seems when some Sony Xperia XZ owners are trying to connect to a Wi-Fi network a message saying “Wifi authentication error” will show up and not allowing for the Sony Xperia XZ to connect to the WiFi network. The quickest way that many think will fix the Sony Xperia XZ Authentication Error is by rebooting the Xperia XZ and typing in the password again.

It’s important to know why the Wifi authentication error happened in the first place. This error is when the there is a connection being identified through a WiFi connection based on the username and password that was entered. When the Wifi Authentication fails or not able to find wifi connection on the Sony Xperia XZ it means that there are some conflicts going on and need to be fixed. Below are two different solutions to fix Sony Xperia XZ authentication error problems.


Sony Xperia XZ Authentication Error

It’s been known that the Sony Xperia XZ authentication error can be fixed by turning off the “Bluetooth” while the WAP is enabled, since this will change the frequency on how the both wifi and Bluetooth interacts with one another. Adjusting this should be able to solve the error with the Sony Xperia XZ Authentication Error problem.


Reboot Wireless Router

If the above method did not help fix the Sony Xperia XZ Authentication Error. then the issue may be with the router or modem. Sometimes the Wi-Fi IP address conflicts with the different devices connected to the same network that are sharing the same IP addresses. Generally Macs and Windows each have their own unique custom IP Address and not deal with the sharing IP address problem. But smartphones such as the Sony Xperia XZ will likely interfere with other existing devices, which may cause the Xperia XZ Authentication Error. The best way to fix this issue is to reboot the modem or router to fix this error.


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