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How To Make Use of the Hyperlapse Camera Mode On Samsung Galaxy Note 8

How To Make Use of the Hyperlapse Camera Mode On Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Owners of the new Galaxy Note 8 have different reasons why they love their device. Some have mentioned the elegance and the sleekness of the smartphone. Others are awed by the water resistance feature and the microSD support that comes with it. Most people are attracted to the quality of the camera. But some are not aware of other camera features like the Hyperlapse Camera Mode (also known as Hyperlapse Video).

There are other shooting modes that I love like the Motion Panorama Shot feature that allows you to recover subject movements. There is also the Food Mode feature that makes you fall in love with any food taken with the mode. There is the Pro Mode too that comes with advanced features that will take a little time getting used to.

But I’m not going to discuss all these modes today; I’d like to explain the more popular Hyperlapse Camera Mode videos.

This mode is being talked about by most social media channels available all around the world now. This feature is very intuitive and easy to use. The Hyperlapse Mode is preinstalled in all Galaxy Note 8, and you do not need to download a third-party app to enjoy this amazing feature.

I’m quite sure you would have come across this feature before, but you didn’t know they were talking about the Hyperlapse Camera Mode. Hyperlapse makes it possible to record a video of a couple of seconds by compressing many hours of video footage. It makes use of the subject movement and time intervals and producing a specific type of video that is amazing.

This is the main purpose of this mode on your Galaxy Note 8. Now that you are aware of how awesome this mode is, if you will like to know how you can access it, please follow the steps below.

How to access to the Hyperlapse Camera Mode on your Galaxy Note 8 camera:

  1. Start your Camera app
  2. Click on the Mode button
  3. Click on Hyperlapse
  4. Click on the arrow icon to alter the speed of the Hyperlapse.
  5. There are four available speed options that you can select from, which are: 32x, 16x, 8x, or 4x;
  6. Click on the Timer option if you will like to set a timer for when the Hyperlapse video should start.
  7. Select how long you wish the time to last.
  8. Click on the ‘Record’ option when you are set to record.
  9. Allow it to record and click on the Stop button when you are done the recording.

You can see that it is very easy to use and enjoy the Hyperlapse Camera Mode feature on the Galaxy Note 8. It’s an experience worth trying out on your smartphone.

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Sep 15, 2017

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