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How to Open an Apple News Article in Safari

How to Open an Apple News Article in Safari

Apple’s news app—dubbed simply “News”—is neat if you’re into curated content. Just as Apple Music guesses what songs you’ll like based on your listening history, News attempts to connect you to the stories you’ll find most relevant by paying attention to what you’ve been interested in previously.
Unless you’re like me, that is, and your method for dealing with the insanity of the world today is called “burying your head in the sand and reading Reddit instead.” Now, I’m not saying that’s a good coping mechanism, but it’s mine, and I like it.
Anyway, you may have noticed that sending a link to someone through News sends a link directly from the app with “” in the URL. When clicked, this URL will open the shared article in the Apple News app, if available on the recipient’s device, or the article’s webpage as a fallback. In many cases, however, you may want to just cut to the chase and share the article’s original web link from the start.
apple news share link
This trick does involve an extra step, but it will give you a link to the article’s original page without the unwanted integration with Apple News. The key is the new Open in Safari action in the News app. To use this feature, find and open an article you’d like to share from within Apple News. Then select File > Open in Safari from the menu bar at the top of the screen.
apple news open in safari
This will launch the Safari browser and load the article’s original URL on the publisher’s website. If you now use Safari‘s Share feature, it will give you the link to the article without any Apple News integration.
share apple news link in safari

Open News Article in Safari in iOS

This same process works in sharing News links on your iPhone or iPad. Just launch the News app, find the article you want to share, and tap the Share icon in the upper right. When the share sheet pane opens, drag from right to left across the bottom row of icons until you see Open in Safari.
open in safari apple news
Touch that button, and just like on the Mac, the article will open in your browser on your device. Neat! Now, you’ll note that I picked an entertainment article to use with my screenshots for this tip. I will tell you straight out that I bypassed a ton of articles on politics while whispering “no no no no NO” under my breath before I found a link I could use without causing myself heart palpitations. I mean, I like writing, but not enough to pull my head out of the political sand, okay?

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One thought on “How to Open an Apple News Article in Safari”

John says:
Unfortunately with the latest version of Apple News on the iPhone, this is no longer possible. Huge negative for the app.

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