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How To Recover Lost Or Stolen Huawei P10

How To Recover Lost Or Stolen Huawei P10

One of the frustrating things you can ever experience is losing your Huawei P10 smartphone. You should be happy to know that there are different ways that you can use to recover a stolen or lost Huawei P10 smartphone. Such methods include use of a tracking app, using the Android Device Manager or other known software.
Just like the Find My iPhone for Apple, Google uses the Android Device Manager system. This system which is also referred to as the Find My Android system can be quite hand hence the need to know about it.
Using these methods, you can easily find your stolen or misplaced phone whether it is at home or as far as the other side of the street. Users can find a lost device inside their own home, or on the other side of the city. Here are some of the proven solutions to recovering a lost Huawei P10.
Tips on how to find your lost Huawei P10.
We are going to explain to you the various ways through which you can use to kick start the search for your lost smartphone.

  • Ensure that your Huawei P10 has been installed with the right tools for tracking your smartphone and to also secure it remotely. Such tools may include the Android Device Manager and Lookout.
  • As soon as you recover your phone, preventive measures should be implemented to prevent a repeat of the same.
  • Use AirDroid and similar apps to access all the information and files you would like to recover from a remote location. You can make use of advanced features such as a remote camera as well as remote SMS messaging.

Find your Huawei P10 Using Loud Ring Mode
To begin with, set the Loud Ring Mode on your Huawei P10. The Loud Ring Mode helps to locate your misplaced phone if it is just within. You can remotely lock your device as well as wipe it if sensitive information is contained on your device. Download the Android Device Manager app from the Google Play Store to be able to remotely use the service on another Android gadget.
Using Lookout to locate your phone
Lookout comes in handy especially when you can’t use the Android device Manager on your Huawei P10. If you are looking for more general security, then Lookout should be the ideal tool for you.
Finding a Lost Huawei P10
To locate your lost Huawei P10 using Android Device Manager on another device, go to the Android device Manager page from where you can now track your device. To track the location of your Huawei P10, the Android Device Manager uses GPS.
The GPS track button then locates your lost device. It advisable no to track your lost device on your own, you should however involve the police. Since the GPS system is used, lost Huawei P10 must be connected to a Wi-Fi network.
Locate your Huawei P10 using Android Device Manager
If you want the best method for recovering your lost device, make sure you register it and make it accessible through the Android Device Manager. The Android Device Manager is a Google software which was released back in 2013. Since then, Google has strived to ensure that almost all Android devices are installed with the Android Device Manager. You can double check just to make sure your Huawei P10 comes with the software installed.
To set up the Android Device Manager, follow the following directions on your Huawei P10.

  1. Go to the settings menu
  2. From here, locate and open the security and screen lock
  3. Then go to the device administrator

You might have to poke around because the location and names of the menu might differ slightly depending on the device you are using. From the device administrator, simply check the box which reads Android Device Manager.

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