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How To Set Up And Use The Smart Home Monitor For Galaxy S9

How To Set Up And Use The Smart Home Monitor For Galaxy S9

Samsung has entered into the fray of turning your homes into an automated Smart Home. This has been a common term wherein our homes can be controlled via our Smartphones. All you need is an Internet connection and you can remotely turn on and control any device that is connected in the smart home platform that you are using.

SmartThings is on its way to becoming a household name when it comes to home automation. One advantage for choosing SmartThings over the rest of the competition is that it offers complete control to the home owners without any  monthly or yearly fees. Many feel that SmartThings will become one of the leaders when it comes to smart home technology. With so many Samsung products already set to connect to the platform Samsung really has a leg up on the competition.

Parents know how important it is to secure our homes when we leave especially when we go out and leave our kids behind. With SmartThings on your device you will be able to monitor and even control your home while you are away. If an alarm goes off you are immediately notified on your smartphone. This gives users peace of mind and Smart Home Monitor is a big help. We teach you on how to set this up quickly and easily. All you need to do is connect your security monitoring device to the SmartThings hub. Open SmartThings and then Tap on Add Device. Choose your device from the list and follow the step by step instructions your device will give you. Once you are done, your Smart Home Monitor is set.

Be Distraction Free On Your S9 With Do Not Disturb

There are times when you just need some peace and quiet either to rest or prepare for something important the next day. Distractions can be a bummer which makes you lose focus on things that you need to accomplish. Let’s say you are a student and you need to review for an important exam the next day, or you are in a middle of a romantic dinner with your loved one and disturbance can throw things off. This is when the Do Not Disturb feature on your Galaxy S9 comes in handy. You can set this up to turn on automatically or at scheduled times. You can also set certain alerts like emergency calls to be exempt from Do Not Disturb.

How To Turn Do Not Disturb On Or Off

From your Notification Panel:

To access your notification panel, use two fingers and swipe down from the top of the screen. Swipe to the left and then tap on the Do Not Disturb icon to turn it On or Off

From Settings:

Go to your Settings page, then scroll and look for Do Not Disturb. Tap the slider either to turn feature On or Off.

Do Not Disturb Schedule

You can choose a specific time for the Do Not Disturb feature to activate. This is useful especially for those who are going through a very tight schedule and having the ability to set things up beforehand are a huge help. Go to your Settings and then look for Do Not Disturb. Tap on Turn on as scheduled and then touch the slider. Adjust the settings to your chosen schedule.

Set Up Exceptions

There are times when you enable Do Not Disturb but you are also expecting a very important call. You can set up exceptions to choose alerts that you will receive while in Do Not Disturb mode. Scroll to your Settings page and look for Do Not Disturb. Tap on Allow Exceptions. Choose from the list shown on your device.

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May 3, 2018

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