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How To Setup Notification Reminder On Galaxy S9 For A Specific App

How To Setup Notification Reminder On Galaxy S9 For A Specific App

You are probably only halfway through in getting to know the new features of your Galaxy S9 smartphone. Well, you should be informed that there are a lot of apps that would need to be customized to suit the features of your Galaxy S9.

Most users will typically have at least a dozen apps that they are actively using, most of which will keep sending you notifications. There is a chance that you will end up with a lot of unread notifications. And if you are not keen on receiving all of these notifications, chances are, you are going to miss out the important ones especially if you are going to dismiss all of them at once.

The Notification Reminder Feature In Galaxy S9

It is as though Samsung got wind of such eventualities. This is probably why they decided to include the special feature known as a notification reminder in the Galaxy S9 smartphone. The Notification Reminder can be set for specific apps to provide crucial notifications that you wouldn’t want to miss. For these apps, you will receive repeated alerts and vibrations at selected intervals to bring your attention to that notification.

Let’s say that you need the notification reminder to prompt you everytime an unread email goes into your email account. What you can do is to set the Notification Reminder for email notifications. After setting it, you also need to activate it for it to work.

How To Setup The Notification On Your Galaxy S9


You can set up the Notification Reminder on your Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone using the steps outlined below:

  1. Be sure to turn on your Galaxy S9
  2. Launch the General Settings from your device
  3. In your Settings menu, tap on the Accessibility tap option
  4. Scroll through the available options to locate the option for More Settings
  5. Tap on the Notification Reminder in the More Settings window
  6. Turn the toggle ON
  7. Customize the Notification Reminder settings such as by adjusting the reminder interval and the vibration status
  8. For every app that you need to set the Notification Reminder features, you will need to toggle the corresponding switch on. This includes apps such as Gmail and Facebook Messenger, among others


Once you are done, you do not have to bother with unnecessary notifications. You know that the notification reminder will bring to your attention all the crucial notifications. This, my friend, is how to set and use the notification reminder on your Galaxy S9 smartphone.

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