How To Stop Samsung Galaxy S8 From Vibrating

Let’s talk a little bit about the Samsung Galaxy S8 and its vibrating feature. This isn’t about the Vibration mode, one of the three different types of notifications that you can get on your smartphone, but rather about the short vibration sounds it makes every time when you tap on or simply touch the keyboard.

Those sounds are called Samsung Galaxy S8 keyboard vibrations. They have been particularly implemented to notify users whenever they make contact with the keyboard. As you can imagine, it is supposed to help those who type without even looking at the screen. Somehow, hearing those vibrations will indicate if you’ve really typed all the letters and symbols or if you’ve missed something.


If you want to disable this feature and never again have to deal with it, the instructions are pretty simple:

  1. Open the general Menu;
  2. Tap on the Settings gear;
  3. Go to the Sound section;
  4. Select Vibration Intensity;
  5. Tap on the button from the top left side of the screen.


This is how you turn off and disable the keyboard vibrations on Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. Now that you did it with the keyboard, you should know that you also have the option to turn off the vibrations for alerts and notifications


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