How To Use Clipboard On Samsung Galaxy Note 9

We all copy, cut, and paste loads of text when using the keyboard on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. We never really bother to understand how the clipboard works with all the text thrown at it on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

The clipboard is the area where all text that is copied or cut is placed while we decide where to paste them. It is the area between the copy/cut command and the paste command. Many times, the past five texts you have copied can be available in the clipboard. It does not necessarily have to be the last text you copied.

This will help you to choose from your previous options as desired. The clipboard remains an important part of every smartphone even though many people do not bother to learn how it works.

If you ever decide you want to take a look at how it works, or take a look at where the text resides before your decision is made, there are a variety of options through which you can achieve that. Let us start with how to use the clipboard on your Galaxy Note 9 smartphone.

How To Use Clipboard On Samsung Galaxy Note 9

1. Turn on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9
2. Launch an app that requires the use of the keyboard
3. Enlarge the built-in keyboard layout
4. Click on the Customizable Key option on the keyboard
5. Tap the Clipboard key

Alternative Option To Access Clipboard On Galaxy Note 9

1. Click on the first empty box that you come across
2. Hold the space down to pull up the Clipboard button
3. Click on the button to access the clipboard and the text currently deposited there

Henceforth, we believe you will make us proud of your knowledge of the clipboard and how to use and access it. So, now you have two easy ways to access the clipboard and the check the content stored there at any point in time.

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