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How To Use Selfie Flash On Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8 Plus

How comes that Samsung Galaxy S8 cameras now have only 12-megapixel, instead of 16-megapixel of the Samsung Galaxy S6, yet their performances are significantly better? To make it clear, the new smartphone comes with fewer but… larger pixels. This can only mean that the autofocus lock on the target just became significantly easier. In fact, many users would swear by the fact that it is by far the fastest and most accurate autofocus they have ever worked with!
So, within just a few lines, we have cleared out one reason that made other people reluctant about the Galaxy S8 camera. Its camera resolution is still superior and the autofocus better than ever. Nevertheless, the topic of today’s article relates to another controversial aspect – the front camera of Samsung Galaxy S8 devices doesn’t have a LED flash…
Here’s a flash news: you can always take selfies with the front camera through a software LED flash! It is called the Selfie Flash and, from a distance, looks like Samsung was inspired by the Apple feature, the so-called iPhone screen flash. The method of illuminating faces, introduced by Apple, was taken over by Samsung and turned into something way better – they do have a habit of pushing every technology to new heights. Consequently…

  1. The Selfie Flash is a software-based flash option;
  2. It will work only with the front camera;
  3. It simply relies on making the screen go white for a second or so and all that light will be projected to your face;
  4. The result is a more illuminated face that the front camera will immortalize even better;
  5. The flash obtained this way is actually even more powerful than the one from the Apple devices;
  6. Combined with the popular Beauty Mode and the Motion Photos features, the result of these selfies is priceless;
  7. Samsung Galaxy S8 also benefits from a more powerful processing software that cleans the images like nothing you’ve seen before!

To many Galaxy S8 users, this feature isn’t too obvious and nobody thinks about searching for it because it simply isn’t much advertised. It wasn’t used on the previous models of Samsung Galaxy S6 and people are actually unaware of this great tool, the Selfie Flash, that sits around waiting to be discovered.
If you have any other questions about how to make the best of it, how to experience with other Camera settings and features, or whatever else you find useful, leave us a message and we will be happy to reply. Also, stick around, we’re going to post many other articles in this direction!

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David Williams

Apr 5, 2017

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