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iMessage for Windows: Use iMessage Online With Remote Messages

iMessage for Windows: Use iMessage Online With Remote Messages

Now iMessage for Windows is possible through a software called Remote Messages. Since iMessage is similar to BlackBerry Messenger and WhatsApp users can send messages over WiFi and avoid SMS fees that network carriers cost. With the release of Messages for OS X, Mac users can join and use iMessage. iMessage is the most used messenger that can be used to send messages for free to any other person who has iMessage installed on their Android devices. This is where the need for installing iMessage for Windows arises

But what about iMessage for Windows or iMessage for Linux? With Remote Messages you can now use iMessage on Windows and Linux as well with iOS7 devices and 64-bit devices. The popular jailbreak tweak has been developed by Beast Soft  and is a browser-based front end for the Messages app on iOS devices.


Follow other instructions here for iMessage help:


The following is the best and most preferred way to install iMessage for Windows with Remote Messages. It’s important to get the correct iP address from your mobile device to help connect your iMessage correctly without having any big issues. The following steps will help get iMessage for Windows and allow you send text messages, videos, pictures and contacts for free as long as you have an Internet connection for iMessage online.


Get iMessage for Windows using Remote Messages:

  1. Download and install Remote Messages on your iPhone or Android device (iPhones users need to jailbreak their iPhone first)
  2. Jailbreak your iPhone using either Pangu or Evasi0n
  3. Now install Remote Messages
  4. Once installed, open “Settings” and go to Remote Messages
  5. Find the Current iP address and write it down
  6. Open any web browser on your PC
  7. Enter the Current IP address from your mobile device into the address bar of the web browser
  8. Hit ”Enter” and now you have iMessages for Windows on your computer

Anyone can connect their iMessage for Windows in a few minutes of time by downloading the Remote messages. Jail breaking an iPhone can be easily done and there are many possible ways to achieve it. Remote Messages 3 is for sale on Cydia at a price of $3.99 for iPhone, iPad and iPod with iOS 7 on newer. Existing users of Remote Messages versions can upgrade for $1.99.


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Aug 12, 2014

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