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Inviting Friends to Challenges in Samsung Health

Inviting Friends to Challenges in Samsung Health

Samsung is all about connecting people and with its amazing apps, you will see why it helps to own the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. With your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone, you can use the S health app in very many ways.
We shall be looking at what the S health is in a different article but for now, let us see how you can use the Samsung health to invite friends for challenger among other things. The challenges health help to keep everyone motivated and in the end, you will reap the benefits of using this app to maintain a perfect healthy lifestyle.
Would you like to invite your friends for challenge in Samsung health using your Galaxy Note 9 smartphone, here is how you can do this;

Creating a Challenge in Samsung Health

You can only create a challenge directly from the app itself, so let us begin;

  1. Go to the Apps menu and tap on the Samsung folder
  2. In the Samsung folder, tap on Samsung Health app
  3. Select the Together option
  4. Now touch on the option to Create Challenger
  5. Once you have opted to create a challenge, proceed and select friend.
  6. Tap on the friend you would like to add you’re your list
  7. Choose a title for your challenge then enter the step target as well before tapping on Start

Using the Together Screen on Samsung Health

The together screen enables you to compete with friends through various challenges created. The amazing thing is that this smart app keeps track of all the progress of each and every single one of the registered users and it updates them on the together screen.
The together screen guide enables you to;

  1.        Access the steps leaderboard so you can know who is making the most progress
  2.        Go to the registered friends and enables you to invite friends
  3.        Access details of the active challenges
  4.        Enables you to create a new challenge to compete with your friends

Using the Programs Screen on Samsung Health

When creating a challenge there are other things you need to be aware of such as the program screen. The program screen on your Samsung health app enables you to select the preferred program from a variety of options.
It is important that you select a program which will be easy to follow and accomplish. The Programs on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Samsung health app will begin with the lowest at 5K all the way to the highest at 10K. The 5K program is perfect for beginners who are looking to develop a healthy workout habit.
In this program, you can choose three workouts per week over a span of 10 weeks. If you select the Run 5K program, you must complete 3.1 miles of non-stop running at a frequency as described above.
Besides these programs we have two more; First attempt at 10K and Run 10K. All these programs should be completed in the duration stipulated. Being able to use your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 as a health tool is going to be an exciting experience.

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