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iPhone X Bluetooth Slow To Connect (Solution)

iPhone X Bluetooth Slow To Connect (Solution)

For those that have an iPhone X, it is important to know how to resolve the  Bluetooth slow to connect issue on your iPhone X. The newest flagship cell phone from Apple comes with a couple of great features that aren’t on any other cell phones. But some owners have complains about the Apple iPhone X Bluetooth slow to connect issue

The Apple iPhone X Bluetooth slow connection problem is a hard problem that owners face and Apple has not released any updates so far. Since it hasn’t been addressed anywhere there isn’t an accepted way to settle the Bluetooth problem on the iPhone X that’s alike across various makes of vehicles. But the good news is that there are a couple different steps or methods that could settle iPhone X Bluetooth slow to connect issue.

The first step to mend your  Bluetooth slow to connect issue on your iPhone X is by following our clear the cache guide. The cache stores data temporarily to speed up app switching. This problem is frequently found when when connecting iPhone X to another Bluetooth device, such as a vehicle. So if you have the same type of problem, we recommend clearing the cache and reconnecting. Read on for some alternative ways to settle Bluetooth slow to connect issue on iPhone X.

Fixing Your Bluetooth Slow to Connect on iPhone X Issue:

Click on Settings > then tap General > then Storage and  iCloud Usage. Then tap on Manage Storage. After selecting, tap an item in Documents and Data. Then swipe unwanted items to the left and click Delete. Then click Edit > tap Delete All to remove all the applications data.

If none of these methods solve your problem, try putting your iPhone X into recovery mode and wipe the cache partition. Then, reconnect the Apple iPhone X with another Bluetooth device and see if it works. These methods should fix any Bluetooth issues you’re having on your iPhone X.


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