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How To Keep LG V30 Screen On Longer

How To Keep LG V30 Screen On Longer

A lot of big review websites point out LG V30 as the top dog of all the smartphones of 2017. It’s been highly praised by the masses due to its overpowered features but there’s a single feature users want to tweak on it. It’s the screentime of their LG V30. Luckily, Recomhub always has some tricks on our sleeves and we’ll be teaching you in this guide how to make your screen time longer. In this article, we’ll be teaching you a feature in your LG V30 that’s called “Stay Awake”.

This feature is not automatically activated on your LG V30. Also, unlike other android features, “Stay awake” can be used even when your LG V30 is charging.

The instructions below will teach you how to make your screen time longer on your LG V30.

Keeping Screen Time Longer on LG V30

  1. Open your smartphone
  2. Open your Home screen, choose Menu then head on to Android settings
  3. Search for “Device Information.”
  4. Tap the entry and then the “build number” will appear
  5. Hit “build number” many times in a fast manner
  6. Once you’re done with the 7th press, an information box will pop up saying “Developer options unlocked”

Open the developer options located in the Settings application and activate it. Once it’s activated, search for the “Stay Awake” option. Lastly, press the checkbox to activate this feature.

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Desmond Andrada

Dec 11, 2017

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