How To Fix LG V30 Side Button Not Working (Power Button Problem)

Alot of LG V30 have expressed complaints about certain aspects of the device. The concern is with side button of the LG V30 not responding to any presses. The strange thing is that though the buttons backlight is ON, the screen doesn’t respond. Moreover, it’s speculated that the issue occurs when you’re receiving a call on your LG V30, but the screen doesn’t respond and still is OFF.

Inspecting the Issue

Often, the problem occurs upon the installation of a third party application. We suggest you put your LG V30 into safe mode then test the side button once more. Though there’s not a sure bet way of pinpointing an application that might be causing the issue, putting your LG V30 into Safe Mode shall automatically inspect a faulty application. One more method is to reboot your smartphone to its factory setting if it still occurs in Safe Mode. After rebooting your LG V30, double check whether your phone has the latest software update. We suggest that you keep in touch with your service provider to know what’s the latest software version of your smartphone.

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