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LG G7 Text Prediction

LG G7 Text Prediction

If you happen to be an LG G7 user, keep in mind that your smartphone has numerous features in its arsenal. Predictive text is one of its most underrated yet the most helpful feature. The tool auto suggest words which are corresponding to the first inputted letters of your words or the body of your messages.

To dig deeper into the aspects of this cool feature, let’s know first how it operates. Basically, the Predictive text is an input technology present on all current smartphones out there which facilitate typing on a mobile device by suggesting words the end user may want to input in the text field. The predictions are based on the context of other words in the message and the first letters typed on it. For example, you opt to type in the word “technology” on the input field. Upon typing the first 4 letters, the suggested word “Technology” shall appear above the text field and all you need to do is to press that, and voila! You save your time and effort typing in the whole word because of this cool feature.
In layman’s term,  the Predictive text feature permits the LG G7’s owners to weave a message easier and lighter in nature because of its predictive technology. If you like to utilize this awesome feature on your LG G7, all you have to do is follow the instructions we provided below and after that, you can enjoy its benefits. So without further ado, here are the steps:

Steps in Turning ON your LG G7’s Predictive Text Feature

  1. Unlock your LG G7
  2. Proceed to your Settings App
  3. Hit on the Language & Input option
  4. Click the LG Keyboard option
  5. Lastly, toggle ON the switch alongside the Predictive Text Feature

Calibrating the Predictive Text Feature’s Advanced Settings

Of course, LG included an advanced settings option to enable LG G7 users to shape it according to their needs and desires. By tweaking some options, you can edit things like the keystroke holding, in which where you’re able to control the delay it commits upon pressing it. For example, try tapping and holding a number or a letter for a while, the delay upon the appearance of the auto-suggested word can be controlled just by tweaking this setting.

Adjusting the Correction Settings of your Texts

Also, Turning ON your LG G7’s Predictive Text feature shall invoke the Text correction feature of your phone. This feature alone allows LG G7’s user to add words on their very own personal dictionary. What it does is disable the auto-correct feature when using a word you habitually utilize in a message. Once you’ve completed the steps above, enabling or disabling your LG G7’s Predictive Text Feature and Text Correction Feature should be an easy-peasy to you.
Following the steps we catered above shall help you activate the Predictive text feature on your LG G7. We suggest that you do everything precisely in order to fully equip this awesome LG G7 feature. Now you’re able to type faster and deliver your message with quickness and precision! Obviously the device isn’t actually reading your mind. Therefore, the predictions are not always correct. This can lead to hilarious or even embarrassing mistakes. So keep an eye on what you’re sending. You can always deactivate the feature by flipping the steps above.

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Feb 9, 2018

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