LG V30 Bad Connection (Solution)

A main advantage to owning a smartphone is having access to the internet 24/7.  We rely on WiFi or Cellular Data to connect to the web browser, email server, and all of the apps on our the LG V30.  We’ll first outline the main causes of poor connection to the internet and also how to fix the issues.

Top Reasons for a Bad Connection on the LG V30:

  • Weak signal strength Cellular Data
    • Check the Signal Bars in the upper right corner of your screen. The more bars, the stronger the signal and 4G LTE indicates a very good signal.  If you are seeing Full Bars or 4G, then you can rule out Cellular Data as the issue in a bad connection.  If it is the Cellular Data, we recommend turning off Cellular Data and locating a WiFi connection.  To turn off Cellular Data:
      1. Swipe down on the Notification Bar and select Settings
      2. Select Mobile data switch > OFF
  • Overload of Apps running in the background
    1. Select Recent Apps
    2. Close individual applications by selecting and dragging to the right
    3. A second option is to close out of all apps by tapping Clear all in the bottom right corner.
  • Internet Cache full
    1. Tap Settings > General > Apps
    2. Select from one of the following choices: All, Enabled or Disabled.
    3. Pick from the list of Apps, then select Storage.
    4. Click on Clear Cache and then, Yes.
  • Poor WiFi connection, disable WiFi:
    1. First, make sure that your LG V30 is turned on.
    2. Next is to open the Menu.
    3. Then, press on the Settings icon.
    4. After which, tap Connections.
    5. And then, press Wi-Fi.
    6. Finally, toggle the ON/OFF slider to turn the WiFi OFF.

Get Technical Support

Now, if you are still experiencing the issue despite going through the above list, you may need to talk with an LG technician about the issue. As always, a Factory Reset may be necessary to wipe the phone clean.

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