Why Is LG V30 Internet Slow?

LG V30 owners may be longing to know why their V30 internet is slow. When utilizing apps like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Instagram, the sluggish internet complication on V30 is particularly annoying.

There are a lot of reasons why the V30 Internet might be sluggish. Below we list several possible reasons, followed further on with some solutions for fixing them.

Typical Reasons Why the V30 Internet is Sluggish:

  • Feeble reception or low signal strength
  • Weak Wi-Fi network
  • The website is over capacity or too many users accessing the website
  • Network blockage or too many users of the network
  • Apps functioning in the background
  • Low device memory
  • Internet cache is full.
  • Outdated firmward
  • Browser update required
  • Exceeded carrier data limit

Poor Internet connection on the V30 can be caused by several reasons mentioned above. If the suggestions above don’t work, follow these steps to improve Internet speed:

Examine V30 For Malware

Use an anti-virus or malware-blocking app from the Google Play Store to find and delete malware. Check for good feedback and reviews to make sure the app doesn’t include its own malware! Scan and delete any offending apps or data.You can also attempt a factory reset to eliminate malware.

Clear Caches on V30

Sometimes slow Internet is caused by low device storage. Storage can be freed up in many cases by clearing the device cashe. This is simply data stored temporarily, but never deleted. Messages, videos, photos and other personal data are not at risk when clearing your cache. You can complete the “Wipe Cache Partition“ in the Android recovery mode. To do this, please read this instruction.

Disable WiFi

When WiFi is enabled and available, this signal will be prioritized over any data connection available, regardless of speed. This means that if you are connected to a slow or weak WiFi signal, your Internet speed will suffer even if a better connection is available through your carrier’s data service. Turning off WiFi in favor of a data connection can improve your Internet speed under such conditions. Try the following

  • Switch on the LG V30
  • Tap on the Menu
  • Operate the Settings
  • Tap on Connections
  • Tap on Wi-Fi
  • Select the ON/OFF beside the Wi-Fi to shift the Wi-Fi OFF

Contact Technical Support

It’s recommended to get the smartphone to the shop or to a store where it can be physically looked at for any damage. A substitute model may be supplied for you if verified damaged by a technician.

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