How To Make Use Of Selfie Flash On Galaxy S9

When it comes to phones with best cameras, the Samsung Galaxy S9 has proven to be the best out there with a 12-megapixel-rear camera and 8-megapixel front camera. The resolution is very superior, and the autofocus is better than ever.
However, the front camera of the Galaxy S9 devices doesn’t have a LED flash, but Samsung has implemented a software-based flash option known as the Selfie Flash for its Galaxy S9 front camera. The Selfie Flash makes the phone screen go all white for a second while taking a selfie to bring some light to your selfies.
The Galaxy S9 Selfie Flash is like a bright copy of the Apple iPhone’s ‘Screen Flash’ method of illuminating target faces in the front camera introduced by Apple. The Samsung’s version of the feature seems to give a much brighter glow with the default processing software cleaning up photos in the way you could ever imagine. Here are some vital notes about this feature.

The Selfie Flash

  • The Selfie Flash is a software-based flash option
  • This feature only works with the front camera
  • The result is an illuminated face that the front camera will capture even better
  • The flash is more powerful than the one from Apple devices
  • Samsung also have powerful processing software that cleans the images like nothing you’ve seen before

The result of these selfies is priceless when combining the Beauty Mode and the Motion Photos feature

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