How to Mirror iPhone with Your Chromecast

One of the saddest things about all the new technologies out there is that we have huge, full HD flat screens with enormous resolutions in our homes, yet we end up watching so much on our tiny phone screens. Our TVs are just sitting there with all that potential, but we’re stuck staring into our iPhones, not using what we already have. Since gizmos are getting smaller and smaller, one might think we would learn how to make the most out of our huge TVs and monitors by now.

But now there are tools that are breathing life back into our flat screens. One is Chromecast. Chromecast is a device for iPhones that lets users broadcast content from their phones directly to their computers. Whether you want to watch a movie or a show, stream games or make presentations, Chromecast does it all. Here is how to mirror your iPhone to a bigger screen with Chromecast.

First step: Set up your computer

Your laptop or PC will act as a server; it will be the connection between Chromecast and AirPlay. The first thing you need to do is download an app called “Mirroring 360” to your computer from Then download the Chromecast extension from Chrome’s Web store. (Make sure that you have Google Chrome installed, or you won’t be able to use Chromecast.) Once you’ve competed your download, open the Mirroring 360 file and drag it to your Applications folder.

Second step: Set mirroring


The next step is to start mirroring your computer device with Chromecast. To do this, first click on your Chromecast extension in Chrome. Then click on the arrow in the top right corner, choose “cast entire screen,” and then click on your Chromecast. If you’ve done this right, your computer screen will now appear on Chromecast. If this is the case, start the Mirroring 360 program and adjust it.

Third step: Mirror with Chromecast

The third and final step towards mirroring your iPhone to your Chromecast is to open the control center on your iPhone, tap the AirPlay app, select the name of your PC or laptop, and switch the mirroring to “on.” After you’ve done this, you should see your iPhone’s screen on Chromecast. The only thing left for you to do is to switch to full screen on your computer device and enjoy watching your favorite series or films. It’s that simple, almost like setting up a ringtone on your iPhone.


You can also use Chromecast to broadcast media content. Various devices such as the Amazon Fire TV or Chromecast USB stick support Google’s Chromecast open streaming format. The most popular video platforms, such as Netflix and YouTube, also support streaming via Chromecast.

Posted by Ivan on February 22, 2016

19 thoughts on “How to Mirror iPhone with Your Chromecast”

Alan says:
Your directions were great as far as they went. I was able to install the cast app into my chrome browser and mirror the browser on to my television. I then installed mirror 360 on my computer. I then went to the control center to get air play clicked and put on mirroring. I then saw my iphone on my computer but it did not project to the television.

I was able to project my iphone on to my television using my widi connection but I thought I would be able to directly see my iphone on my television.

Is there something I did not do correctly?

James says:
Click the little chrome cast button on the PC browser. Upper right I believe
Kaylene says:
The problem I seem to have is getting the sound to carry across? I can see the image but the sound still broadcasts from my laptop?
shane says:
This is caused by wrong audio output selected. Windows, right click on the speaker icon/volume bar and go into playback devices and select the correct device.

Mac, option click on the speaker icon and select the playback device from the dropdown menu

h8ios says:
u didnt mention its $15 sigh…not worth trouble..i’ll just use my android phone to chromecast and ipad for toilet reading
Gogu says:
Best remark ever dude!
Cracked Phone says:
Hey Tech Junkie,

So cool that you can mirror your iPhone to Chromecast. It just stinks for someone like me, who has a cracked phone screen.


Asa says:
I am able to cast my PC to my TV and Cast my iPhone to my PC but I’m not able to Cast my iPhone onto my TV.
Matthew says:
I’m trying to think of how exactly I got mine going (and feel dumb answering without a plain solution), but I often pull up Netflix, HBO on demand, YouTube and more. It might be a seperate “plug-in” to download, but I can open Netflix, etc on my iPhone, control it with iPhone, and watch HD from the mentioned and more providers, free from my couch.

You can also click the Cast icon (top-right as the other guy said) and it will mirror your desktop computer to your HDTV (if they’re in different rooms you still have to go back to your PC to change streams/pages). It’s “one-way” apparently. I wish you the best in untangling all of this world-fi.

GS says:
Can someone help me with directions to have my iphone and ipad screen mirror on my TV using chromecast?


EJ says:
As others have reported, I can cast Chrome on my computer to my tv using Chromecast and my iPhone to me computer using Mirroring360, but the missing step is connecting the mirrored IPhone on the computer to the Chromecast. How is this done?
Animesh Sonkar says:
7 day trial only, $15 buy. Sigh!!
christopher w steiner says:
I truly hate my iphone. I even miss my Windows phone. At least you could do a lot of stuff with it. I can’t even use my chromecast with this piece of crap iphone. Hardly any apps compared to what I’m used to with Windows and Android.
Neil says:
Don’t you just install the “Google Home” app from the app store which adds the chromecast button to all compatible apps on your phone (netflix, Hulu, Plex etc?). I don’t have an i-phone but isn’t this what the google instructions are? I imagine you would have to restart the apps so they get the cast option but ti should be fairly seamless.
Dawn says:
iPhone’s do not work well with the new google home update for chromecast. It’s hit or miss to stream anything. Other phones like androids go hand in hand with google. If you are a iPhone owner it’s very frustrating to try to use chromecast because your device is hard to communicate with your iPhone or iPad
Manav says:
if you have an iPhone or iPad and you want to mirror it to your tv, get an apple tv! problem solved!
Oysvesa says:
From Applestore an app: TV Cast. A blue icon. It works with my iPhone.
Oysvesa says:
Oh, I am sorry. I did NOT get it working. I was wrong about it.
I`ll buy an apple tv, too 🙂
Gilda Cardozo says:
My MacBook Pro isn’t stream Comcast channels, so I should be able to mirror straight from my iPhone or iPad. Bottom line I should have bought another Apple TV instead if chrome cast.

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