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OnePlus 5 Problems With Calls

OnePlus 5 Problems With Calls

OnePlus 5 is an excellent Smartphone, but recently there is an issue continuously plaguing the device. The problem is regarding OnePlus 5 call problem. Some users notice that their OnePlus 5 can’t make or receive calls.
The OnePlus 5 calls dropping issue happens to some users after talking on the phone for a few minutes, and this can be from network issues or Internet connection on the OnePlus 5. Below we’ll explain some of the solutions that you can use to fix your OnePlus 5 problems with calls that are causing you a headache and help you restore your Smartphone back to working order without replacing it.

Check OnePlus 5 Signal Bars

Since how you can make or receive calls is related to the cell phone network that is provided from a wireless tower to transmit a signal. Therefore, checking the signal bars on your OnePlus 5 is the first thing you should do when you are having problems with calls.
It’s a good idea to reset your phone to fix a small glitch on your phone if you notice that your OnePlus 5 has no signal.

Check to See if Flight Mode is Deactivated

Enable Flight Mode may be the reason why you are having problems with calls on the OnePlus 5. All wireless connections are turned off when Flight Mode is turned on. Use the following instruction to check if Flight Mode is turned on.

  1.     Turn on the OnePlus 5
  2.     Hit and pull down the Notifications bar
  3.     Click on the Settings icon
  4.     Click on Flight Mode
  5.     Switch the toggle on Flight Mode to OFF

Change OnePlus 5 Network Mode

Try to change the OnePlus 5 network mode to fix the call problem if the method above doesn’t work. This could be because your OnePlus 5 is only working on a specific network.

  1.     Turn on your OnePlus 5
  2.     Slide down the screen to bring up your menu from the top of the screen
  3.     Click on the Settings icon
  4.     Click on Mobile Networks
  5.     Click on Network mode
  6.     Click on WCDMA/GSM

Find Networks Automatically on OnePlus 5

Changing the settings on your phone to find networks automatically is another method to solve the OnePlus 5 phone call problems. Sometimes when you go out of the network range, the connection will be lost and your OnePlus 5 will need to find a new network automatically.

  1.     Turn on your OnePlus 5
  2.     Slide down your finger to bring up the menu from of the top of the screen
  3.     Click on Settings
  4.     Click Mobile networks
  5.     Click Network operators
  6.     Now your OnePlus 5 will automatically search for networks within range

Verify Your Account Status

You can’t make or receive calls if your wireless account is not active, so it’s important to verify your account status weather is active. You can double check with your wireless carrier like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile or Sprint to make sure all your bills are paid. Your wireless provider will tell you if your bills have been paid or if there’s a problem with their system.

Verify If There’s Outage In Your Area

An outage in your area could be another reason why you are having issues with calls on the OnePlus 5. The cellular service provider could go out for general maintenance so you will need to wait until the network is back and running.

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