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What Does “Unable to Be Delivered” in Prime Now Mean?

What Does

Prime Now is Amazon’s service that aims to deliver household necessities, food, and other items in up to two hours.  With this service, you can order various things via the app, and receive the updates of your orders in real-time.

Although the service is expanding, it’s still a relatively recent development and some of the regulations may still be confusing to some users. This is especially true for those concerning delivery time and availability.

This article will explain what is Prime Now, what can you expect when you order, and in which cases your package can’t be delivered.

Who Can Use Amazon Prime Now

Amazon Prime Now’s super-fast delivery is available to Amazon Prime users. The service is essentially free, but it’s required to have either a yearly or monthly Amazon Prime subscription. However, even if you own a Prime account, the Prime Now service might not be available in your area.

The service is currently available in 7 countries (France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, UK, and the USA) and the list is constantly expanding. Before you order, you can check your ZIP code on the official website to see if your area is covered.

If you are available for Prime Now delivery, your order can be delivered to your office, hotel, home, or any other location.

unable to be delivered

What Can You Order with Amazon Prime Now

With Prime Now, you can order products from the official Amazon store. You can get clothes, electronics, hobby items, and a wide range of other things. You can also order groceries, snacks, and household items.

Besides the official store, the service offers delivery of items from other stores too. You can order fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, groceries, and other foods and beverages from the Whole Foods Market.

In certain cities in the U.S., Prime Now supports deliveries from some local stores. Some local supermarkets have a minimum delivery requirement, which means that you’ll need to order items above a certain price before you can make an order. It also offers restaurant delivery in some cities, so you may order food from your favorite eateries.


When Is Prime Now Package Undeliverable?

Although Prime Now works as a separate entity from the official Amazon website, the regulations remain the same. So, the protocol is the same for all items that can’t be delivered.

According to Amazon, there are several reasons why a package might not be delivered. Of course, the primary reason is always your location. Carefully check if your town is on the list of places where this service is available.

Another reason why a package can’t be delivered would be improper information or lack thereof. If you mistyped your address or failed to specify the house number, the item will not be delivered. Some users also state an outdated address by mistake. All these reasons will leave the carrier in the dark, and the item will be returned.

Sometimes the items get damaged during transportation. If a carrier notices that an item in your package is damaged, they can decide not to deliver it and you’ll be notified right away. There may also be other issues during the transit, while sorting packages. Also, the package can get damaged in a way that the carrier can’t be certain about your address.

In rare instances, a recipient may refuse to receive the package. This can happen if you’re ordering a delivery to a different address, stating that another person may pick it up. To avoid any inconvenience, notify the person that they may expect a package before you make an order.

What Happens When Package Isn’t Delivered?

The item that returns to Amazon or the store, or can’t be delivered to you for another reason, is deemed undeliverable. Unlike regular Amazon deliveries, you can track your Prime Now carrier in real-time.

This means that you can check the location of your shipment in real-time and you’ll always know its status. If Prime Now is unable to deliver your package, you’ll be contacted right away. For instance, if an item that you want from the store isn’t available, you’ll be promptly contacted about the replacement.

The items that you order once can’t be reshipped. This means that if you didn’t receive your initial order, you will have to place the same one again.

Convenient Shopping

The Prime Now delivery should usually run smoother than the regular one. You can easily keep track of your order and remain in real-time contact with the stores you’ve order from.  It is a convenient way to quickly purchase some necessities without having to leave the house.

It’s also an effective great option if you’re busy and want to save valuable time that you’d otherwise spend going to the store.

What is your experience with Prime Now? Was the delivery ever unavailable? Tell us about it in the comment section below.

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