Samsung Galaxy J7: How To Fix Keyboard Not Showing Up

The Samsung Galaxy line of phones is certainly popular and widespread, and the Galaxy J7 is no exception. Despite this popularity, though, some users have reported that they have been having problems with the Galaxy J7 keyboard, unable to use it as it hasn’t been showing up. There could be several reasons that the keyboard doesn’t appear when you need to type something, but the main reason that the Galaxy J7 keyboard doesn’t show up is because of a software glitch. Below, we have a list of a few methods that could help you to fix the keyboard not showing up on the Galaxy J7.

How to Fix the Keyboard Not Showing Up On the Galaxy J7
First, turn on the Samsung Galaxy J7 and go to the Menu. Then select Settings, browse for Applications, and then select Application Manager.

Once you get into the Application Manager, switch to the All tab and search for “Samsung keypad.” Then select the Samsung Keyboard and select one of the following options:

  • Force stop: If the keyboard has stopped responding, this will force it to close so you can restart it.
  • Clear the cache: This will clear out any temporary data that the keyboard app has been storing, some of which could be causing the problem.
  • Delete data: This will restore the app to its original state, if you’ve made any changes.

After you have selected one of the options above, then restart the Samsung Galaxy J7 for the changes to go into effect. After that, the Samsung Galaxy J7 keyboard should start working again.

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