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Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Fixing Disappeared Pictures – Solved

Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Fixing Disappeared Pictures - Solved

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is one such phone that allows you take great pictures and at the same time share those photos instantly. However, some Samsung Galaxy Note 8 users have reported that the phone is not showing any pictures in the gallery app when they take pictures with the Note 8 even though the picture has saved on the Samsung Note 8 memory.
There are many reasons why your image disappears or doesn’t appear in the photo gallery app of your Note 8. Here, we’ll recommend two solutions to solve the picture disappearance issue in your smartphone gallery for your Samsung Note 8.

Restart Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Your Galaxy Note 8 may just need to be refreshed after a long time use to solve the missing picture in the Android gallery in most cases. Every time you restart the Smartphone, your mobile’s media scanner will search for new images on every reboot and reappear the entire missing pictures to show up again in the gallery app. For more information on how to restart your Samsung Galaxy Note 8, follow this guide here.

Install alternative Gallery app on Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Here is another method if rebooting and restarting your Galaxy Note 8 didn’t work. Now install the QuickPic from the Google Play Store on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8, this app will enable you to retrieve your missing pictures. Open and check if you can find the picture in the app.
After installing the app if the error persists in the Android Gallery and you still can’t find the missing picture, then it’s recommended to you now do the “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data“ on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. You can follow this guide here.

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