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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Incognito Mode Guide

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Incognito Mode Guide

Did you know that the Samsung Galaxy Note Incognito mode can be used to stop your browser from saving the pages you visit? The internet browser is the place most Galaxy Note 8 owners spend their time, and in most cases, it doesn’t matter if the browser keeps a log of your history. Having your browsing history saved can be useful for finding content again in the future, or it can be useful for helping the browser to learn what websites you like to visit the most. In some cases though, you may want to hide the websites you visit.

For example, if you’d like to buy a gift for a loved one or friend. If you use Incognito mode on your Galaxy Note 8, nobody will be able to see the webpages you’ve visited so you can buy surprise gifts without worrying about being found out.

There are plenty more benefits for using Incognito mode – it can be a quick way to sign into alternative email accounts without signing out of your main account. It can also be useful for searching Google without getting targeted results based on your Google profile.

To find out how to access Incognito on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, we would suggest taking a look at the guide that we have provided below. Once you’ve taken a look at the guide, you’ll be able to get straight to work and find Incognito mode in no time.


How to turn ON Incognito Mode on Galaxy Note 8:

  1. Make sure the Note 8 is switched on.
  2. Open the Google Chrome browser.
  3. In the top right corner, tap the three-dotted menu icon.
  4. Tap “New incognito tab.” You’ll now have access to a brand new Incognito tab where nothing will be saved.


There are some browsers in the Google Play Store that can work as a permanent Incognito mode. By that we mean that the browser will never save your history or browser details. One good suggestion would be Dolphin Zero on the Galaxy Note 8.



How To Make Use Of Private Mode On Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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