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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Wont Charge Issue (Solution)

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Wont Charge Issue (Solution)

If your Samsung Note 8 won’t charge, you may have a problem with your battery, or your phone, or even your charging cable. In this guide, we’ll take a look at the different reasons why you Samsung Galaxy Note 8 isn’t charging. Hopefully by the time you’ve finished this guide, your Galaxy Note 8 will be fixed.

Unfortunately, many users have reported that the Galaxy Note 8 has had problems with charging in the past and as a result there are many causes. All you can do is take a look through the options we’ve listed below and troubleshoot each option to find out why your device isn’t charging.

Make sure to read through each of these causes carefully. Test them on your own device to see which cause has made your Galaxy Note 8 stop charging.

  • You may have bent, broken or pushed in connectors on the device or battery.
  • The phone might be defective.
  • The battery may be damaged.
  • The charging unit or cable may be broken.
  • Software related issue.
  • Phone may be completely broken.


Changing Cables

The easiest thing to check is often the most common issue for your Galaxy Note 8 not charging. The charging cable and wall unit can break quite easily, so you should try to use a spare from a friend or family member. If your Note 8 starts charging when you use a friend’s charging unit and USB cable, then you’ll know that you need a new cable for your Note 8. You can get a new Galaxy cable charger.


Reset Samsung Note 8

Sometimes the Note 8 won’t charge because of a strange software problem. This is rarely the case, but it’s worth considering. If you think that your Note 8 may have a software problem that’s stopping it from charging, read the detailed guide to fix it here.


Clean USB Port

Sometimes it might not be the USB cable that’s broken, but the USB port on your Galaxy Note 8 may be filled with debris. If the USB port isn’t clean, then you won’t be able to charge it. Once you’ve cleaned the USB port on your Galaxy Note 8, then you’ll be able to charge it again. Use a small needle or an ear cleaning bud to clean out debris that may be inside the USB port. Once you’ve cleared out any debris, try to charge the device again. Hopefully, your Note 8 should now charge.


Get Support From Authorized Technician

Not having any luck? You should try sending off your Note 8 to an authorized technician to see if they can fix it. Alternatively, if your Note 8 is still in warranty, you may be able to get a free repair or replacement directly from Samsung.

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