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Screen Won’t Rotate On Essential PH-1 (Solution)

Screen Won’t Rotate On Essential PH-1 (Solution)

Essential has released the PH-1 lately, but many of its users has made it known , that their device will not rotate and its accelerometer has  halted and is not working,this is especially true when they have the screen rotation on and it iOS not performing as expected.

For instance, when the Essential PH-1 screen will not  revolve even on the Internet page and stays in place in  the upright position and will not move or rotate screeen when the camera changes its position.

Another example of the issue made known by PH-1 proud owners, is the PH-1 camera showing everything wrong side up(ie, inverted) and all the PH-1 buttons are the same way.We will be discussing the the two steps to possibly rectify the problem.

The first suggestion would be to hard rest or to conduct a master reset on your PH-1 device.

Essential PH-1 Screen Won’t Rotate

An method that would surely work to try and figure out if your device’s accelerometer or gyroscope is not working is for you to do to a self test, this will enhance your ability to see where the real issue lies, when your PH-1 device’s screen won’t revolve. the self test can be done by typing in the code “*#0*#”  (excluding the quotation marks)on the Essential PH-1 dialpad, when you get to the service mode screen,click on to select “sensors and conduct a self test.

If your provider has taken out your ability to access the service mode screen, then your only other recourse is to conduct  a factory reset on your device, Reverting it back to the settings it had, before leaving the retailer store. TRo know how to conduct a factory reset on your Essential PH-1 device read this guide. It is also strongly suggested that you get in touch with your provider, by this time they amy already be well aware that this issue exists and may be able to offer solutions for you.

Another unorthodox way of trying to fix the issue, that we do not personally recommend is to strike your phone with your hand gently, to give your device a kind of a soft jolt. Should you want to take the risk, just follow through cautiously.

Like I said, the most strongly suggested step to fix the issue of the Essential PH-1 screen unwilling to revolve issue is to conduct a hard reset on the device itself. But keep in mind that a hard reset will get rid of all data saved on your device, applications and setting as well.You should always make sure that you always back your device up, t make sure you do not loose any data, especially the ones you still need, and use. To make sure you do: On your Essential PH-1 device, Locate and Click on the Settings to Select and proceeding to Back up and Reset

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