What Shows Will Be Available on Disney Plus?

Disney Plus has been one of the most exciting media launches we’ve seen in quite some time. As one of the oldest media companies in existence, Disney’s library is legendary, featuring animated classics from the golden age of animation and the Disney renaissance, plus a wide variety of live-action and hybrid films like Mary Poppins and Pete’s Dragon. This is to say nothing of Disney’s subsidiaries like Marvel, Pixar, Lucasfilm, and most recently, 20th Century Fox, giving Disney one of the biggest collections of hit media you can find today.

That doesn’t stop at movies, of course. Disney has a long history in television, including several networks like ABC, Freeform, and the Disney Channel, and Disney Plus represents another step in the direction of episodic entertainment. The House of Mouse’s streaming service looks to offer users both brand-new shows, a number of classic revivals, and of course, Disney’s backlog of shows and TV movies. Let’s take a detailed look at what’s coming soon on Disney Plus.

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While Disney’s collection of older shows is sure to appeal to plenty of people, it’s their original programming that Disney hopes to use to pull in new eyes. From brand-new IPs to takes on fan-favorite franchises, these are the original programs you can expect to see over the next few years on Disney Plus.

Star Wars

Star Wars has been slow to wade into the television arena over the last forty years, with their output bouncing from surprisingly fantastic to infamously abysmal. Here’s hoping these Disney Plus shows lean more towards the former than the latter.

The Mandalorian

Launching the same day as the service itself, The Mandalorian feels a lot like Disney Plus’ marquee show, the program they want you to come for. Set five years after Return of the Jedi, the show follows a Mandalorian bounty hunter through the outer reaches of the galaxy, operating outside the laws set up by the New Republic. The Mandalorian has a fantastic cast and crew, with appearances from Gina Carano, Nick Nolte, Carl Weathers, Giancarlo Esposito, Bill Burr, Werner Herzog, and starring Pedro Pascal as the titular character. Dave Filoni, best known for being the creative head behind The Clone Wars, serves as one of the executive producers and the director of the pilot, while Jon Favreau (Iron Man) serves as writer and showrunner. Check out the blockbuster trailer here.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Speaking of The Clone Wars, the acclaimed animated series returns for a seventh and final season more than half a decade after it went off the air. Featuring twelve new episodes, the show looks to wrap up its original run, much of which was adapted into comic books and other media. The season is set to premiere in February 2020.

Untitled Cassian Andor Series

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was a much-more successful spin-off than Solo, so it makes sense that Disney would choose to revisit that story in greater detail. Set prior to the events of the film, the series will follow Cassian Andor, played by returning actor Diego Luna. Alan Tudyk has also be confirmed to return as K-2SO. Look for the show to arrive sometime in 2021.

Untitled Obi-Wan Kenobi Series

The final Star Wars series announced for Disney Plus prior to launch is one of the most exciting. After years of Ewan McGregor making clear his interest in returning to the role of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Disney finally confirmed that he’d be back playing the character in a series set eight years after the conclusion of Revenge of the Sith. Producer Kathleen Kennedy has confirmed that the show’s scripts have been written, and filming will begin in 2020. That said, it’s unclear when the series will premiere on the service—but 2022 might be a good guess.


Star Wars might be kicking Disney Plus off with a bang, but they have nothing on Marvel in terms of quantity. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is the biggest name in entertainment right now, with this year’s Avengers Endgame having been crowned the highest grossing film of all time. Disney has already announced a whopping eight Marvel shows coming to their streaming service, and unlike the Netflix shows from earlier this decade, they’re much more involved with the MCU as a whole. Think of these as individual comic issues to the films’ event series. Here’s what Marvel fans should look forward to on Disney Plus.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

You’ll have to wait til next August for the first chapter in Marvel’s moves into television, but it arrives with a bang. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is a limited series following the titular characters after the events of Avengers: Endgame, with Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan returning to their respective roles. The series has been pitched as an 80s-style buddy comedy film, similar to 48 Hrs. or Midnight Run. Officially part of Phase Four of the MCU, we’re excited to see where Falcon and Winter Soldier end up next.


We can’t describe Loki without discussing a moment in Endgame, so if you still haven’t seen the latest Avengers film, just know that Loki sees Tom Hiddleston returning to the titular role to cause more mischief over six episodes, with an expected premiere in early 2021. Still here? If you remember Endgame, there’s a moment in the film where the 2012 version of Loki—the one who was in the process of being taken into custody by the Avengers following the battle of New York—manages to get his hands on the Space Stone, disappearing into the unknown. This limited series will pick up right where Endgame left off, with a post-Avengers Loki traveling through space.


Another limited series featured in Phase Four of the MCU, WandaVision sees Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany returning to their roles as the Scarlet Witch and Vision. We don’t have much of a plot to go off, but it’s possible the classic comic series House of M could play a part in how the series functions. We also have confirmations of some of the cast members, with Teyonah Parris appearing as an adult version of Monica Rambeau, who you may remember from Captain Marvel. Randall Park, who appeared in Ant-Man and the Wasp, and Kat Dennings, who was originally featured in the first two Thor films, were confirmed to make appearances in the miniseries, while Kathryn Hahn has also signed on to play a new character. Like Loki, you can expect WandaVision to debut in early 2021.

Marvel’s What If…

What If… is one of the most exciting shows announced for Disney Plus, especially if you’re a fan of the comic series of the same name. Unlike most of the Marvel shows, What If… is an animated anthology series that is outside the canon of the MCU, while still using the characters and events of the MCU to show what would happen if history had been altered. Many of the actors from the MCU are returning to voice animated versions of their respective characters. With 23 episodes planned for the first season, we can’t wait to see how the MCU will change when this series hits Disney Plus in 2021.


Scheduled for late 2021, Hawkeye follows the archer himself, Clint Barton, as he prepares to pass the mantle of Hawkeye to Kate Bishop. Jeremy Renner will return to portray Barton, while Hailee Steinfeld has reportedly been cast to play Kate.

Ms. Marvel

Kamala Khan has been a fan favorite since she made her first appearance in Captain Marvel #14 in 2014, and she’s finally prepared to jump into the MCU in Ms. Marvel. Not much is known about the series outside of its confirmation and the announcement of showrunner Bisha K. Ali. However, Brie Larson—who portrays Captain Marvel—has previously stated she would love for Khan to make an appearance in a future Captain Marvel film.

Moon Knight

We don’t know much about Moon Knight outside of its announcement as an upcoming series, but we hope this comic panel makes it into the show.


Announced at D23 beside Ms. Marvel and Moon KnightShe-Hulk looks to follow Jennifer Walters, who gains superpowers after receiving a blood transfusion from her cousin Bruce Banner. We don’t know if Mark Ruffalo, who portrays Bruce in the MCU, will make an appearance in She-Hulk, but it’s safe to assume there’s been talks behind the scenes.


Star Wars and the Marvel shows have definitely filled out much of Disney Plus’ upcoming shows, but Disney isn’t stopping there. These are the other shows coming to Disney Plus after its November launch.

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

Premiering on November 12th, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series is a strange bet for Disney. As you might expect from the title of this show, this isn’t a straight adaptation of the popular DCOM series from a decade ago. Instead, this mockumentary series follows a group of students at East High, who put on a performance of High School Musical for their winter theater production. This series follows the drama behind the scenes as they attempt to put on their production of HSM in the same high school where the original films were shot. Ten episodes were shot, and you can check out the trailer—which appears to be a bit more PG than the original films—here.

The World According to Jeff Goldblum

Who doesn’t love Jeff Goldblum? The acclaimed actor has won over the hearts of millions with his fascinating mannerisms and delivery in films like Jurassic ParkIndependence Day, and Thor: Ragnarok. Now, Goldblum stars in his own documentary series, The World According to Jeff Goldblum, which sees him learning all about the world around us. Developed as part of National Geographic’s planned Disney Plus output, the series promises to be both entertaining and illuminating. Check out the trailer here.

Diary of a Female President

Premiering in 2020, Diary of a Female President follows Elena, a Cuban-American 12-year-old who will eventually go on to become the President of the United States. Until then, however, she finds herself navigating middle school—and taking notes about everything that happens to her in her diary. Gina Rodriguez, who starred on the hit CW series Jane the Virgin, is executive-producing.

Monsters at Work

If you were disappointed by Monsters U functioning as a prequel, not a sequel, to Pixar’s hit Monsters, Inc., we’ve got the series just for you. Set six months after the events of the original film, Monsters at Work follows Tylor Tuskmon, a mechanic on the Facilities Team who dreams of working alongside his idols Mike Wazowski and James P. “Sulley” Sullivan (played here by returning actors Billy Crystal and John Goodman, respectively). The series is set to debut in 2020.

Lizzie McGuire (Season 3)

After more than fifteen years off the air, Lizzie McGuire is set to return to televisions with a third season. Hillary Duff will return as the titular character, now a 30-year-old millennial navigating life in New York City. Series creator Terri Minsky is involved as well, returning as showrunner for the series. No word yet on when the new season will premiere.

Love, Simon

Set in the same world as the hit 2018 film, the series follows Victor, a new student at Creekwood High. When Victor finds his journey of self-discovery too difficult to navigate on his own, he reaches out to Simon for advice on anything and everything. Nick Robinson, who played Simon in the film, returns to narrate the series, while Michael Camino plays Victor. No premiere date has been announced, but the show started filming in August.

Other Planned Series

As you can imagine, there are plenty more shows where this came from—too many to go into detail on each of them. Here are some of the other shows you can catch on Disney Plus, along with their respective planned release dates. Many, if not all of these, are non-scripted shows.

    • Encore!, November 12th, 2019
    • Marvel’s Hero Project, November 12th, 2019
    • The Imagineering Story, November 12th, 2019
    • Pixar in Real Life, November 12th, 2019
    • Family Sundays, November 12th, 2019
    • Be Our Chef, 2020
    • Cinema Relics: Iconic Art of the Movies, 2020
    • Marvel’s 616, 2020
    • Into the Unknown: Making Frozen 2, 2019 or 2020

Short Series

We won’t go into full detail on the shorts Disney Plus has coming over the next few years, but here’s what you can expect to see in terms of short-form productions on Disney Plus.

    • Forky Asks a Question, November 12th, 2019
    • SparkShorts, November 12th, 2019
    • One Day at Disney, December 3rd, 2019
    • Short Circuit, 2020
    • Untitled Chip ‘n’ Dale series, 2020
    • Muppets Now, 2020


In addition to Disney Plus’ wide variety of original shows, Disney also plans to use their wide library of older content to build out their streaming catalog. It’s unclear exactly what shows will arrive on Disney Plus when it launches in November, though Disney CEO Bob Iger promised 7,000 television episodes and 500 films at launch back in 2017. You should expect most Disney Channel shows to arrive there, along with certain select 20th Century Fox shows. The Simpsons, for example, will arrive with all thirty seasons of the series available at launch.

Ultimately, Disney really wants you to join for their original programming, even if their backlog of content will eventually become just as much of a selling point.


Well, that about wraps up our guide to the first couple years of original programming on Disney Plus! Let us know in the comments what you’re looking forward to the most when Disney Plus launches, and keep coming back to TechJunkie for more Disney Plus guides as we get closer to launch!

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