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Will Netflix or Amazon Prime Pick Up Six Season 3?

Will Netflix or Amazon Prime Pick Up Six Season 3?

Did you watch the History Channel’s series Six? It was about SEAL Team Six, the guys we get to hear so little about in real life and was a scripted drama supposedly outlining some of their exploits across the world. After being canceled by History, will Netflix pick up Six? Will anyone?

Right now we don’t know if Netflix or anyone will pick up Six. There have been no press releases and no announcements of any kind about the series. History has said it has definitely dropped it, the actors have all said thanks and goodbye and all is quiet right now.

Six TV series

Six was a drama series about Navy SEAL Team Six and follows the team as they go on a rescue mission to Africa. Former team leader Rip has gone private and is a contractor protecting a principal in the African jungle and is attacked by militia. He is taken prisoner and tries to escape. Meanwhile, his old team form a plan to extract him and two other Americans.

Series one of Six sets the scene with the kidnap and rescue attempt. There is a lot of location work in the jungle and behind the scenes as the SEALs develop a plan and attempt to rescue him. Along the way, they realize who Rip really was and why he was no longer team leader. This causes some of the team to question the efforts they are going to in order to rescue him.

The series introduces us to Nasri, a protégé of a jihadi leader and a mastermind behind conversion of westerners to jihadi philosophy. The team follows the trail through Africa and Afghanistan and undertake various missions to track down and eliminate the people behind the jihadi network.

The series did a good job of showing us that SEALs and other special forces are people underneath the camouflage. That they have their own strengths, weaknesses, families and lives back home. While it follows the usual military tropes, it was written by William Broyles and David Broyles. David was a former special operations soldier who has really been there and done that. Some of that comes through in the idea to create fuller characters than usual for an action series.

Series two of Six continues the storyline of the first series but through a different arc. This time they are still on the trail of Nasri but this time they are in Chechnya and Russia instead of Africa. They deal with local warlords and an eastern bloc jihadi network run by Tamerlin Shishoni.

The second series is as well written and as well paced as the first. Action scenes are well shot and draw you in from the moment the episode begins. You are inducted further into the lives of the main protagonists and like them just a little more as they battle enemies from without and their own personal ones.

Why did Six end?

According to History EVP Programming Eli Lehrer, Six was not renewed for series three purely because of competition. At the time when renewal was considered, three other TV shows were released along similar lines. CBS’ SEAL Team, NBC’s Brave and the CW’s Valor were all military drama shows showing very similar characteristics and storylines.

Lehrer said;

“We were very happy with the show creatively; if I anything I think Season 2 was even better than Season 1,” he said. “But I think in such a crowded marketplace, it is harder to get people’s attention as they had spent a season watching SEAL Team on CBS, Valor and The Brave. As a result, our show felt less unique in the marketplace.”

History apparently thought there was too much competition and despite the quality of writing and acting, didn’t think Six would compete. Plus, during series two the audience was down to half what it was in series one.

What are the chances of Netflix picking up Six?

Netflix has not mentioned Six at all during the various conversations about resurrecting old TV shows. I suspect it will not pick up Six for the same reasons History dropped it. For now at least, there is a little too much competition. Even though Brave and Valor were also canned, Seal Team with David Boreanaz is still going and has his star quality to pull it along.

Seal Team does a very similar job to Six in portraying SEALs as more than just shooters. It is perhaps for this that Six would remain in the shadow of that show. It’s a shame but I think while Seal Team is running, Six will not be renewed. However, I also think this is fertile ground for resurrection at a later date when the appetite is still there but the competition isn’t.

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30 thoughts on “Will Netflix or Amazon Prime Pick Up Six Season 3?”

Anita says:
I have just hinted watched six till the end of series two and am devastated to find it’s ending there. Best military programme I’ve ever watched. Please, please, please give us series three someone!
Debbie sane says:
I still waiting for someone to bring it back or make a movie to to bRing it to a end you can’t just leave it like it is
Jim sparks says:
Need six back. Drama at its best. Every time I get into a series it ends. That’s why I just love NCIS. It just keeps going.
Daniel says:
Brind six back netflix come on
Tuomas "Shtube" Salmi says:
Heyi. Why am I doing a good series that deals with so many good Actresses and their good performances so why do you have to stop doing that. Do you need to gather some audiences here to continue this series?

I will vote yes to continue

Daniel Trahan says:
I bought both season on Amazon. I thought Amazon will call continue it until I’ve learned that it was canceled. I watched Seal team and the Brave but SIX was my number 1. Please bring it back.
Daniel says:
Brind six back netflix come on
Michelle says:
I cant believe the show was cancelled. Bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve just watched episode 10 of season 2 and to my utter dismay realised no season 3. I’m devastated. Please bring it back
Cindy says:
Please bring back Six. Just watched the last episode of season 2. Can’t leave us hanging like that.
Ladyhawk48 says:
what can the fans of SIX do to bring this wonderful military drama back. It was one of the best I have seen yet. It’s just sad that Eli did not have the confidence in his writers and actors. I just couldn’t not get into brave, valor nor seal team six even tho David Boreanaz is one of my favorite actors. Pleas bring SIX back!!
Acili Ambrose says:
Am so sad to hear that issue with my favourite Seal Team six shows. Please, bring back six. It might be similar with others mentioned but not in the creativity. Many people including me are following the show.
Sourav says:
Loved Six! Have watched a lot of series similar to this but I think, the script and the flow are completely out of the box. It always kept me on the edge and the cinematography of the action sequences must be applauded! Sad that it is gone now. :(
Mary McGehee says:
Bring back SIX. It is a great show. I love Seal Team, but SIX is grittier and really good.
Dan Bantilan says:
I’ve watched those series, but so far i still opt to watch Six. The story is so damn good and the actors, they actually portrays the soldiers very good there. Please bring back Six. It was a very good series. Please
Jody Hornbeck says:
Please please bring back Six yes there is other similar shows but every actor brings something different to these shows .it really sucks that Six is cancelled all these shows should do well in support of the real warriors and hero’s that do this everyday……..
Reginald S. Velasco says:
Please bring back Six or my wife will go crazy! She,like me just got too addicted to Six till the end of season 2. We need to know the ending of terrorist Nasry and the fulfillment of the Seal team’s mission.
Thank you so much for giving us two seasons of a distinguished show.
Melissa says:
I watch all of those other shows and SIX IS BY FAR MY FAVORITE! Who cares if it is along the same line, I couldn’t wait to watch SIX. The other shows sit in my DVR for days. PLEASE BRING IT BACK
stefi says:
So sad about the SIX. It would do awesome on a network like FX. But Netflix should totally cash in, second time binge watching with my hubby.
Neil Palmquist says:
Someone pick this up! It was a very well done show! We loved it!
Christina says:
Bring it back. Six was my favorite show
Sofy says:
Soooo upset Six was canceled! Netflix please pick it up. It’s such an awesome show.
brian says:
can’t believe this, of all the junk reality shows on tv you had to cancel one of the best if not the best show of any channel
Clio23 says:
Netflix you should definitely pick up the TV series six. The story line was amazing and the actors. The seal team tv series is good as well. I would suggest when one TV series finishes the other one starts this way we’re always entertained. That’s one solution. Please someone bring it back.
Walter m. says:
black market says:
Please bring six back up… It’s an education the world need to learn from. I love the series with everything have got. Don’t kill my vibes. Netflix bring back back six
Pat says:
Six was way better then seal team. Bring it back Netflix. Finish the series
Navi says:
I agree. I hate that it got canceled on a cliffhanger.
Bobby Johnson says:
Netflix should definitely pick up SIX. That’s the only reason I got Hulu just to watch it and besides with them canceling the Punisher it would be the the prfect action tv show to step in. I think Netflix is missing out on a great opportunity, if they don’t get it Hulu might get it first or some other.
Navi says:
Please bring Six back. I started watching Seal Team and it doesn’t have the same feeling as Six. I love the story line and the characters in Six. I really hope it comes back.
Suzyq Paulson says:
Please put Six back on! It is a wonderful show. Six was the best out of all of those other shows!
Shannon says:
Six is WAY better then Seal Team. Please Netflix pick it up! I’m so disappointed that the History channel canceled it.
Tracy Sampson says:
Bring Six back.
Been waiting for to long for the season 3 to release..Please release it..I want to know whats happened to Bear after his wife being shot dead..
bruce heidel says:
my personal opinion is six was a far better than any of the others(seal team ,brave)
Terri Potter says:
I agree This was an incredible show. Shame it was cancelled.
dskurato says:
This was a great series! Was so excited for Season 3, please someone pick it up
Craig Spitznogle says:
Somebody needs to pick the series up. It was a great story line with great actors. It will be a shame not to see another season
Concerned fan says:
We request you atleast release it online for downloading as most people including me are following the show and U will leave us hanging

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