How To Solve the Galaxy Note 8 GPS Problem

Having problems with your Samsung Galaxy Note 8’s GPS tracker? We shall help you get it fixed, the Recomhub way.

Aside from the common issues and bugs that frequently arises with all newly launched phones, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 appears to be experiencing some GPS issues too. If your Galaxy Note 8 is displaying inaccurate positioning, then there are some methods to which this can be solved. Here’s how to solve the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 GPS problems.

Steps in Solving the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 GPS Problems

High Accuracy Mode

Your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be able to obtain an accurate location with this feature activated on your smartphone. This is a tried and tested method of solving the GPS issue of a Samsung Note 8 device. You will need to follow the steps below to solve Galaxy Note 8 GPS problems:

  1. Head to the Settings app on your Galaxy Note 8
  2. Hit on Location – double check whether the feature is turned ON
  3. In this menu, press the High Accuracy option

The High Accuracy feature is now enabled on your Note 8. Your positioning will never flounder irrespective of the isolated area you are currently in.

Download A Third Party App

An application by the name of “GPS Status and Toolbar” can be downloaded from Google Play Store. If you purchase the PRO license of the application, you could use a lot of added features which are quite helpful. Finding your car in an enormous parking area will no longer be an issue when this application is accomplishing for you. It grants the signal strength of satellites to produce the accurate location in seconds. It is a very solid application and with this around, your GPS would work with no issues at all.

Clear the Cache

There are a lot of other third-party applications that utilizes your phone’s GPS. Clearing the cache data of the app shall help in determining your exact location. Here is how you can clear out the cache of these applications:

  1. Head to the Settings app of your Galaxy Note 8
  2. Once there, go to the Application Manager
  3. Hit on the three-point symbol towards the top right part of your smartphone and from the list, choose Show System Apps
  4. On this menu, hit on Storage and press the Clear Cache option

GPS Test For Satellites

You can implement a GPS test to solve the issue. Download GPS Test Status & Fix from Google Play Store. The application shall not only search for the accuracy, speed, location, satellites etc. but shall also reboot your GPS state and solve the issue of GPS on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Factory Hard Reset

Given that you have performed all the things we mentioned above and nothing seems to work and solve the Galaxy Note 8 Gps issues, then your last resort would be performing a Factory Hard Reset on it and it should be fixed. This should be the last option that you should resort to because your data will be erased and you shall have to set up your smartphone again. That’s why it’s the best that you create a backup and saved all the data on your phone before performing this.

  1. Head to the Settings
  2. Scroll down and head to the Backup and Reset
  3. Press the Reset Device option
  4. Hit on Erase Everything

Once the initialization process is finished and you begin to download and install new applications ensure that you choose an alternative application for the previous one that you think could have been the culprit of GPS problems that you were encountering on your Galaxy Note 8.

By doing the methods we mentioned above, you shall probably fix all the problems that you are encountering for GPS on your Note 8. Nonetheless, if the issue appears to persists or fixes it but only temporary, then it is presumably a hardware issue and it is best to contact Samsung or your carrier to have them check it as soon as possible.

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