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The Best Minecraft Easter Eggs

The Best Minecraft Easter Eggs

The death of Minecraft has yet to happen. Even though it was bought by Microsoft and everyone thought that was the end, the company has kept to the original vision. The game is still the sandbox it always has been and is developing into a much rounder product. That doesn’t stop the game developers slipping in the odd cultural reference for our entertainment. Here are some Minecraft Easter eggs that have made their way into the game over the last couple of years.

Easter eggs are usually expressions of humor and a bit of fun. A culture reference, nod to other games or movies or other recognizable reference hidden within a game. They can often be hard to find or need a combination of actions to unlock. Once unlocked, they provide a bit of fun and show that game developers do actually have a sense of humor.

Easter eggs have been a part of Minecraft since launch and we know many of them from the Locked Chest to the Halloween pumpkins. Here are a few Minecraft Easter eggs that you may have missed.


Toast is perhaps the sweetest Minecraft Easter egg I know of. Apparently a player wrote to Mojang asking them to put his girlfriend’s rabbit into the game after it ran away. The company did just that which is a very cool thing to do.

Name a rabbit Toast and it will turn black and white to honor that lost rabbit. There are a couple of others too. Name a sheep ‘Jeb_’ and the sheep changes color. Name any animal ‘Dinnerbone’ and it will turn upside down. You can also name yourself ‘Dinnerbone’ to turn your avatar upside down. Not very practical but amusing nonetheless.

Menu screen references

While they don’t change the game in any way, there are a few text references in the game that are mildly amusing.

  • The title screen occasionally reads ‘Mincecraft’ instead of Minecraft.
  • Han Shot First can occasionally appear in the Minecraft menu screen.
  • Merry X-Mas may appear if you play the game on December 25.
  • Happy Birthday Notch may appear if you play the game on June 1 which is his birthday. This was allegedly added by the man himself.

Menu screen

Staying on the menu screen, occasionally, when you hover the mouse over the play button without pressing it a random mob appears in the launcher. A different Minecraft Easter egg is when the creeper face in the top left corner of the menu screen turns into a shrugging avatar. This doesn’t happen often but has been seen. Hover over the face and it lights up too.

Skeleton horse

You can generate a skeleton horse in the pocket edition of Minecraft. You have to find a normal horse and hope it get struck by lightning while raining but it does happen. I have yet to see it myself but have seen references to it on Reddit.

Here’s Johnny!

If you name a Vindicator Johnny or change the name from Johnny to ‘1b’ it turns into a killing machine. Changing this causes the avatar to consider everyone hostile except other villagers in reference to Stephen King’s The Shining.

Error codes

If the game crashes, you will occasionally see amusing messages to take the edge off all that lost progress. ‘Hi. I’m Minecraft, and I’m a crashaholic’, ‘Somebody set us up the TNT’, or ‘You should try our sister game, Minceraft!’ That last refers to the Mincecraft reference I mentioned above.

Command block messages

If you open a command block and type ‘/help’ you can occasionally see a few different Easter egg messages. Some include ‘Have you tried turning it off and on again?’ from the IT Crowd, ‘Oh my god it’s full of stars’ and I’m sorry, Dave and ‘Quite honestly, I wouldn’t worry myself about that’ from 2001 a Space Odyssey.

There are apparently others but I have yet to see those.

Fighting Harper

If you play Minecraft Story Mode, Episode 7 when you fight Harper, listen for a hidden message when you go to climb a redstone pillar. It says ‘The odds of you defeating me are 3,720 to 1’ which is a Star Wars reference from C3PO. Jesse will then reply ‘Don’t tell me the odds’, which is Han Solo’s reply in the movie.

I’m sure there are lots of other Minecraft Easter eggs that I have yet to find or anyone has yet to find but these are the ones I know about right now. Got any other Minecraft Easter eggs we should check out? Tell us about them below if you do!

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Toby says:
The jeb_ does work.
Adrianna says:
With Minecraft Pe the toast the Johnny and the Jeb_ don’t work
ntp says:
yes they do i did it

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