How To Turn OFF Auto Sync On Galaxy S9

For users of the Galaxy S9, it is crucial for you to know how to auto sync data. The auto-sync causes your battery to lose power and die out faster because of the open background apps with the auto sync feature turned ON. These background apps running on your device will regularly check the Internet for updates, which makes your phone to slow down.
However, you can control this update via the Play Store App platform you always use to download and install the apps. Whether you want to make sure you’ll never have to hear about it again or you want to disable this automatic process, follow the steps below to control the open background apps with the auto sync feature turned ON.

Turning OFF Auto Sync

To adjust the function:

  1. Open Google Play Store app from the App tray or the Home screen of your Galaxy S9
  2. Tapping on the 3-lines icon from the left of the Search bar to access the Google Play Store menu
  3. Click on the Settings
  4. Tap on Auto-Update apps
  5. Set the default setting to automatically update apps when the Wifi is on or activate the alternative feature that suggests you should not auto-update your apps

Your data plan will be secured, and you won’t have to worry about the updates of your apps if you set the default setting to update apps when the Wifi is on automatically. However, if you select don’t auto-update feature, you will start receiving notifications on the dedicated notification shade at the top of the screen, whenever an app needs to be updated.
In this case, you get to check the changes logs and see what’s new; you can see what app has update option and decide if you want to upgrade the particular apps and so on. Aside from determining the type of updates you want, you can also deactivate shortcuts option on the Home screen by default.

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