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How To Turn ON And OFF Autocorrect On Google Pixel 2

The new Google Pixel 2 comes with an efficient Autocorrect feature if you know how to you use it. The idea behind the Autocorrect feature was to give users a way of automatically fixing typos. However, Autocorrect can sometimes pose as an issue when it corrects a word that is not wrong and some users find this to be annoying.

If you are not interested in the autocorrect feature, I’m sure you will like to know that there is a way to deactivate it on your Google Pixel 2. You have two options; you can choose to deactivate it permanently or change the Autocorrect behavior for certain words. The tips below will make understand how you can deactivate the Autocorrect feature on your Google Pixel 2.

How to Deactivate Autocorrect on Google Pixel 2:

  1. Switch on your Google Pixel 2
  2. Open a that will prompt the keyboard to appear
  3. Click and hold down ‘Dictation Key’ located near the spacebar of your keyboard
  4. Under the section named “Smart Typing”, tap “Predictive Text” to deactivate
  5. You have several other customizable options such as how autocorrect handles capitalization and punctuation

If you later wish to know how to activate the autocorrect feature on your Google Pixel 2, you just need to follow the steps above and change the autocorrect to ‘ON’ and it will be back to default things. It’s crucial to point out that the method to switch OFF and ON the autocorrect feature might be different to the method explained above if you are using a different keyboard that you downloaded from the Google Play Store and not the inbuilt keyboard.  

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Desmond Andrada

Dec 14, 2017

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