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How To Turn OFF Camera Shutter Sound On LG G7

How To Turn OFF Camera Shutter Sound On LG G7

There are things that aren’t fitting for each other. Imagine, a bodybuilder who has a voice of a 5-year-old girl. He might be physically aesthetic yet the voice seems to be off. What happens to the girls when they hear it? Of course, they will get turned off and will be annoyed every time he speaks. And that’s what shutter sound is like to your LG G7. Physically aesthetic and specs-wise, it’s perfect. But when you hear the shutter sound emitting from its camera, you’ll surely be annoyed.
If you’re a proud citizen of the United States, turning OFF your camera’s shutter sound can get you in jail. Why? It’s due to that law being enforced there that states camera phones must emit a sound whenever you’re taking a photo with it. In that sense, abide that law if you don’t want to get sued just because you cannot contain that annoying shutter sound. Yet, if you aren’t residing in the United States and eager to deactivate this nuisance sound once and for all, then proceed to the instructions.

Eliminating the Shutter Sound by Muting your LG G7

If you want to eliminate that pesky shuttering sound, what you can do is mute or minimize the audio of your LG G7. To implement this, simply tap the “Volume Down” button on the right side of your LG G7 till it conjures the vibrate mode. On vibrate mode your phone won’t make a peep.
Eliminating the Shutter Sound by Installing a Third-Party Camera App
An additional useful method to eliminate that bothersome shutter sound is by installing a third party camera app. Some apps don’t include a sound as the stock Android app does. You can download a third-party camera app on the Google Play Store and examine which one of them doesn’t produce a shuttering noise when capturing a photo with it. Try and try until you found the one.

Do you Think Headphones can save you? NO!

A popular mistake by a lot of LG G7 owners is that when they connect an earphone into their smartphone, it’ll kill any produced noise from their LG G7’s speaker and all of the noises you expect to listen on it will emit only at your earphones. Yet, that’s not the way your LG G7 works. The shutter and notification sounds are separate. If you’re a paparazzi taking stolen pictures, beware!

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Feb 8, 2018

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