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How To Turn On Or Off Mobile Data On Samsung Galaxy S9

How To Turn On Or Off Mobile Data On Samsung Galaxy S9

One of the most basic but yet technical actions that every Samsung Galaxy S9 user should be capable of is the ability to turn the mobile data of their smartphone on and off.
The importance of mobile data in today’s world cannot be overemphasized, and the ability to keep it turned off can save you the stress of your Galaxy S9 battery life being drained by background apps, social media apps, and emails.
When traveling, turning off your mobile data can come in handy to ensure you are not disturbed.
It also helps with the standard international roaming charges that shoot up when on a trip to a region where roaming services are not free of charge. No one likes paying extra for data bundles which bring about the need to keep your data usage on a weekly and monthly level in check and turning off data when not in use.
The following instructions will teach you how to activate and deactivate your mobile data connection.

Turning Mobile Data On or OFF on Samsung Galaxy S9

It’s wise to turn off your data connection if you have wifi available. This will conserve data and battery life.
Turning Off Mobile Data on Galaxy S9  

  1. Swipe the top of your home screen downwards
  2. Tap the settings icon to open
  3. Click on the Data Usage option
  4. Toggle right to switch ON mobile data or toggle left to switch OFF mobile data
  5. Click OK
  6. The steps are the same to turn off mobile data

The step described above is the simplest way for users to turn their mobile data on or off. Note that you can reverse these steps to turn data off any time.
Turning off mobile data does not affect Wi-Fi connections as you can still browse through Wi-Fi thus saving battery life.

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