How to Use Eye Tracking Feature on Galaxy S9

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is arguably the best smartphone on the market right now. It comes with lots of exciting features, and one of them is the eye-tracking feature. You’re going to love this function if you are one of the Galaxy S9 users that wants the best experience they could get from their phone.

You might be curious about the eye tracking icon on your phone status bar. It indicates that Smart Stay is currently on, and when this feature does is to keep the display of your Galaxy S9 on as far as you’re looking it. The icon usually checks to see if you are using your Galaxy S9 when it activates, the front sensor will track the movement of your eye by using the Smart Stay. Your Galaxy S9 will either turn it off or dim it whenever you are not looking at the phone display, and it’ll brighten when you view again.  

How to Enable Smart Stay on Samsung Galaxy S9

  • Turn on your phone
  • Go to your Settings
  • Select Display
  • Browse to the Smart Stay option
  • Ensure you check the box
  • The status bar will display the eye symbol on your Galaxy S9

You can use the same menu to access Smart Stay feature on your Galaxy S9. The phone will also enable/disable display depending on the recognition of the eye when using Smart stay.

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